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Let’s Talk!

picture-7Renee has graciously invited me to join her this weekend w/ Monica Roberts of TransGriot on their Blog Talk Radio Show!

We are going to be discussing reproductive choice, and how Motherhood is an active choice that is sometimes overlooked in the womanist/feminist community.

I am very flattered to have been invited, and really pretty nervous (I have never been on the radio before, and never like the way my voice sounds outside my head).  I hope you will tune in, and give us some support.

I also just realized that this will be Monday for me, so I have to set all the appropriate timers to make sure I am available on time.  This time change thing is still kind of wonky in my brain (yes, I said wonky).

Looking forward to hearing from some of you out there.

ETA:  Renee and I have finally smoothed out the details of time, so it will be Saturday for those of you in the States and Canada, and 4PM, EDT, which is Sunday, 5AM for me, and most of my friends here in the East.


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  1. Dude! Right on, I will be there!

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