exactly that

When it’s quiet…

When The Guy is at work and The Kid is asleep, my house is too quiet to allow me to sleep, and that is providing I am sleepy to begin w/.

Usually, some tidbit of something that is popular in Korea is running though my head, often times despite myself.

So, since I can’t get this out of my head (I blame The Guy for playing it repeatedly), I now earworm you all!

Just try to keep it from getting stuck!  LOL.

Enjoy Girls’ Generation!

I am not kidding, it is on just about every show I watch!


Comments on: "When it’s quiet…" (4)

  1. You know I consider you and yours family but I’m not sure we can get past you putting this in my head :)

    Im thinking you future people are too tricky for me

  2. I lasted until 1:17…that was a bit of torture and you know officially owe me one.

  3. Ha! I got you all w/ K-pop!


  4. […] I have to add that this is more awesome than some of the other K-pop I have been exposed to […]

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