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So last night about 8 The Kid starts to do a pretty impressive impression of that little girl from The Exorcist.

Normally I don’t mind vomit, as I often brag about my vampire like reflexes which allow me to usually prevent it from hitting the ground.

But I am not as mobile w/ these fucking crutches as I’d like to be.

So, she was vomiting, and I was trying to clean it up from around the toilet, get her new pajamas since the ones she had on weren’t going to make it, keep her hair back, and not fall down off of the crutches.  Good times.

I got The Kid tucked into bed, hobbled out to my chair and foot stool, when I heard her get up again.  I cracked the bathroom door to check on her, and she was naked.  Upon questioning she informed me that she puked on those pajamas, and thought she may have peed in them.

I picked them up and realized that she had not exactly peed in them.  I guess she had diarrhea as well.  Ewwww.

I went into her room to get her another clean pair (her last clean pair), and one crutch hit a puddle of vomit and down I went.


Luckily I didn’t land in it, but man did that hurt my fuck ankle, and I banged the knee I scraped up pretty well.  So I got up, went over to her bed and sure enough, her sleeping bag (our things aren’t here from Hawaii yet, and while I found her a new comforter we haven’t found sheets yet) was soiled as well.  Hopping around, I pulled that off onto the floor.  Turned around to take the clean pajamas to Kid, and my crutch caught in the clothes she left on the floor, and down I went again.  This time I managed to catch myself, but w/ the busted up ankle.  Oy!

When I say I am abnormally clumsy, I am not exaggerating.

I get Kid dressed, wiped off, put a new blanket down on her mattress, get her the new comforter and pillowcase (she threw up in the bed too, WHEEEEEE!), and switch to one crutch to get my Swiffer wet jet and clean up the puke.  After mopping, I lean over to kiss Kid goodnight, turn to leave, and slip on the wet floor, right onto my ass.

At this point I almost called The Guy at work and asked him to come home, but I composed myself, put all the soiled clothes into a blanket, and dragged it to the laundry room (I even had to put two stuffed animals in a pillowcase.  Poor Rainbow Sherbet.).

She made it through the night, and I even managed to shower w/o falling (Yay!).  Guy came home sometime around 8 this morning, and we slept for a few hours.  When Kid finally got up, I noticed she was wrapped in her bathrobe, in the bathroom at it again.  When I asked where her jammies were, she didn’t want to tell me.  Turned out she soiled those as well, and was throwing up again.  Except for her flaming red cheeks she was more pale than usual.  At this point we decided that we had just earned ourselves a taxi ride to the Emergency Room again.

They tried to give her some Pedialite, but less that a quarter into it she crapped her pants again (she couldn’t even tell it was happening), so they decided that she needed IV fluids.  I excused myself from the room, b/c my needle phobia isn’t specific to needles happening to me, and I could hear her screaming all the way down the hall.  Poor thing.  After I went back to the room she informed me that she was crying so hard that she didn’t even notice they had put it in.  The nurses even gave her an IV line to play w/, to show her that there wasn’t really a needle in her arm at all, just a flexible tube.

A bag of fluid later she was all better.  She asked me to lie on the bed w/ her during the whole thing, which I didn’t mind b/c my foot and ankle were so swollen from standing.  She just had a viral infection, which they said was common here this time of year, and b/c she is in public school.  Did you know there is even a name for the flushing of the cheeks you get when you get a fever?  It’s called a “slapped cheek rash”, or Fifth disease.  I really try to make the most of my hospital visits for education.  Sometimes it can cause light rashes on arms and legs as well, and passes w/ time.

We finally got home and The Guy made a light stew out of some veggies we had on hand, beef broth and rice, since she is allowed to have broth and rice.  She has finally managed to get half a bowl down and a shower, and seems her old self again.  The good part is that b/c I am all busted The Guy gets to stay home tonight to help take care of her, and his off set starts tomorrow anyhow.  So, there is someone else around to wash all the pukey bedding and pajama sets.  LOL.

Me?  I have had enough excitement this week to last the whole year.  I will say, people w/ fibro should never have to use crutches.  It just makes me so tired, and my arms hurt so much that I have them sitting on the keyboard as I type (bad posture!).

Hopefully she is feeling well enough to make the pottery birthday party tomorrow.  And maybe I will be able to get back to posting something of substance again.

Have a safe and boring weekend, everyone!


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  1. Oh my lord… That’s just awful. Good gods…

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