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Do you ever find yourself running late to do something, only to realize you have forgotten to do some personal hygiene routine or the other?  You think to yourself “It’s OK, I’ll only be gone a few minutes, no one will notice”.  Did anyone else’s mother ever tell them that you should always wear clean underwear when you go out in case you are in an accident?  I always thought that was such morbid advice to give, b/c if I was in an accident the last thing I would care about is what the paramedics and docs think of my underwear.

The Guy was very sneaky this morning, getting The Kid up and off to the school bus w/o my ever waking up.  I got to sleep in until 10 today, which is something I am extremely grateful for.  Having been spoiled by having him on shore duty and day shifts for about a year, I am not quite accustomed to not having him home at night when we go to bed.  We have an unspoken understanding that we go to bed together.  It was actually advice that my Papa gave me when we were married.  I usually get up when he does, and start my day, b/c it is the same time I need to get The Kid up.  Sleeping in is a luxury.

I spent most of the day in my pajamas, doing a few random household chores, blogging, reading the whole internet, and doing some quests on WoW that required minimal attention every ten minutes.  It was a nice, mostly lazy day.  When I stay home all day I don’t attempt to play beauty queen.  I don’t see the need to shower or whatever beyond washing my face unless I have to go somewhere.  I usually, however, brush my teeth after eating.  Somehow that slipped my list of tasks today.

So, when 2:45 rolled around and I was leisurely reading and watching the cool down on my quest item, I realized I was almost running late to pick 
The Kid up from the bus stop.  The scheduled drop off is 3:10 on the base, which is across the street (er, six lane highway) from our villa.  I can see it from the front window, but to get there, I need to walk about two blocks past the Myanmar Embassy, another block past the local elementary school, up a huge flight of stairs to a pedestrian walkway, back down the stairs, and another two blocks to the base gate.  On a good day it takes me the better part of 10 minutes to make this walk, on a high pain/low spoon day it can take about 15 or more, b/c the stairs are bothersome.  If I am late the bus will take The Kid back to the main base transportation office, and she will lose her bus privileges.  They are supposed to come on time and wait ten minutes b/f doing this, but they usually don’t.  So, in my haste to get out of the house, I threw on yesterday’s clothes, and when I realized I hadn’t brushed my teeth I decided I would rather spend 20 minutes w/ bad breath and that fuzzy feeling than have to cart The Kid to the main post in a taxi or on the shuttle every day (I get very motion sick on the busses here).

I made the walk in good time, and as I was giving my ID to the gate guard to get onto post I saw the bus b/f hers pulling out, and her bus at the stop.  I glanced at the clock and noticed that it was only 3:05, but I know they sometimes come early as well.  After getting my ID back I started running towards the stop, muttering “shitshitshit” under my breath.

I made it about five strides when my ankle rolled underneath me and I hit the ground, hard (probably Karma’s way of reminding me that I am forbidden from running).  Oh, how that hurt, and I immediately screamed out in pain.  I tried to get up, but it sent pain flying up my whole leg, and all I could do was sit on the ground wailing like an idiot from the pain.  Two Korean women and an American teenager saw me a few moments later and came running over to me.  The first thing I could say was “my daughter is on that bus!”, and one of the women asked her name, and ran off the catch the bus for me (Goddess bless her!).  The girl ran to the guard shack while the other woman tried to assess and comfort me, when she noticed I had ripped my jeans and scraped my knee up as well, and that it was bleeding all over my pants.  The girl came back w/ two Army guards, and the four of them helped me to the shack just as the first woman came back w/ The Kid, and to tell me that the bus was just getting ready to take her back to the post.

The US Army guard helped me to a chair while the Korean Army guard called for an Ambulance.  All this time I am sobbing like a baby for the pain.  So here I am, in dirty clothes, sweaty, crying w/ bad breath, and they bring me a cup of water and some ice for my ankle.  Enter the Ambulance, and as they paramedic and corpsman are trying to get me onto the Ambulance (which isn’t like on TV where they put you on a gurney, the actually made me hop) The Kid starts wailing at the top of her lungs “Where are you taking my Mommy?”, and is sobbing almost uncontrollably.  They try to get her to get into the Ambulance w/ me, and she is resisting.  Through her hiccups and tears she asks them if they can “just drop me off at home?”.  They laugh and at this point I have to calm myself to tell her that I am going to be fine, and that she has to get into the Ambulance b/c there is no one at home to take care of her.  Just when I think we are going to have an incident, the corpsman offers to let her ride in the front seat, and she thinks this is the coolest idea ever (she doesn’t ever get to ride up front, b/c even though she is extremely tall for six she is just slightly too small for front seat riding).

This is the time when I realize that I don’t know The Guy’s work number or issued cell phone number.  I try to explain that we have only lived here a month and have only been in our home a little more than a week.  They tell me that the emergency room will help me contact him, and I am briefly comforted, except for the blearing pain in my right ankle, which is now swollen up to about the size of a grapefruit.  Great time for me to think of writing all of his numbers down and keeping them in my wallet.

When Kid and I get to the emergency she informs me that I should let her ride in Ambulances more often, and I asked her if she wanted me to get hurt again so she could do that.  She laughed and said that she would give up Ambulance fun so I didn’t have to get hurt.  While they are taking my vitals The Kid starts freaking out again when the blood pressure machine flat lined after taking my pressure, and screams “What’s wrong w/ my Mommy?”.  Everyone, including me starts laughing as I reassure her that, aside from the swollen ankle and scraped knee, I am just fine.  After X-rays and the doctor poking my ankle (Ouch!), she tells me that she didn’t see any breaks, but she had best go check again to make sure since it was so swollen and hurt in certain places.  She gets me a phone and the duty number listed in our record to call for my husband, who I know isn’t at work anymore, b/c he was at a PT test.  The first number I call gets me someone who only speaks Korean, and I could make out an apology b/f he hung up.  The second number got me someone who offered to call him for me.  The doctor comes back and lets me know that while she doesn’t see any breaks she will have my ankle wrapped, send me home and send my X-rays to a specialist to double check, and that they will call me later in the week to let me know.  I have The Kid put all of our stuff in her school bag, and am issued a pair of crutches.  After swearing on my life that I do indeed know how to properly use then, Kid and I are on our way to the Pharmacy to pick up the pain meds they promised me.  A nurse pokes her head in to let me know that The Guy is on his way (I apparently called the Command Master Chief’s office, who I used to work for) and that they would direct him to the pharmacy to meet me.

After signing for the narcotics they gave me The Guy shows up w/ a big smile on his face.  My clumsiness is a joking matter in our family, and after giving me a kiss he says “Hey hobbles!  I heard you fell down!”.  He used the last of our Won to get a cab back and went off the find an ATM so we could get one home.  He even borrowed a wheelchair to get me outside, and the cabbie fussed over me to get me in the cab while he took it back.  Once we get home The Guy swoops me off of my feet and carries me to a chair, since he noticed that the crutches seem to tire me out considerable (I don’t remember them being so much work!).  He brought me my percocet, made us a nice big ramen dinner, and now here I sit, doped up and over sharing!  The Master Chief called earlier to make sure I was OK, and they shared a little laugh, which I am sure is b/c they both know how very accident prone I can be.

I am not sure what the moral of the story is, except that when my mom used to tell me to brush my teeth and make sure I wore clean underwear in case I was ever in an accident I didn’t expect to find myself twenty some years later wishing I had heeded her advice.  Ha ha.

Hope you all have a great and accident free day, and if not, I hope you all brushed your teeth this morning.  ;)


Comments on: "Always brush your teeth b/f you leave the house…" (6)

  1. Wow!

    That was an adventure and a half. I’m glad nothing’s broken (right?)

  2. Shannon n Jorge said:

    WOW> can’t say that’s ever happened to me! heheeh but well I’m married now. i’m not that clumsy–but JOrge’s got me on the guillibity thing…. (everyone knows how that is) hehehe

    hope your ankle’s ok!

  3. I broke my ankle once carrying a basket of laundry. My mom swore I did it on purpose so that I’d never have to do laundry again.

    I feel your pain chickadee. Have a Wodka and tonic for me.

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  5. See I told you so, But who listens to their senile old mothers anyway. Things here at “SHADY ACRES” are going just fine.

    Love Mom

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