exactly that

The Guy and I caught the feed on a Singapore/Malaysia feed that might possibly also run in Australia (I am still figuring all of that out).  There are a few channels here that run US shows virtually ad fee but at later dates (I caught CSI from the beginning last week).

We watched all of it, and even suffered through that Sweet Spaghetti Monster forsaken clusterfuck that was an award for Jerry Lewis (I can’t stand that guy).  We got to the Best Actor award, and I was all excited to finally hear the speech that Sean Penn made that everyone in Bloglandia has been talking about.

There was a pause in the feed, and then he gave his speech.  The first line of his speech had been edited out, as well as any other statements referring to it, and anything he said about equal rights.


Kind of makes me wonder what else was edited out, since I don’t have the luxury of seeing the whole broadcast.  US outlets and hulu don’t allow me to view them here.

So, if I have any Eastern Hemisphere readers who caught the same feed, here is Penn’s acceptance speech in its entirety.


LOL you commie homo-lovin’ sons of guns!

He is right, it might be hard to like him sometimes, but that speech was made of rocketsauce.


Oh, and here’s one for the “I’m Clueless” files.  I have known for a long time that Penn was married.  I also knew of the actress from the Princess Bride and White Oleander named Robin Wright when I was a child and Wright-Penn now, and always wondered who she married.  Yesterday I put 1 and 1 together.  You would think I spent three years living on a rock…



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