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Pro-Life is Anti-Woman

Thanks to Cecelia for sending this to me on Facebook.


My world misses some people’s presence more than others I think.


Comments on: "Pro-Life is Anti-Woman" (3)

  1. ok my respect for george carltin just plumited to nothingness

  2. That’s too bad, b/c his commentary on this is spot fucking on.

    If “pro-lifers” cared so much about life, they would be fighting to make sure that women had access to safe, legal abortion so they wouldn’t be at risk.

    They would fight for affordable and accessible family planning services, instead of calling it “pork”.

    The prioritizing of a few cells over a fully functioning woman sickens me to no end. Countless women die every day around the world b/c people presume that they have the right to tell more than half the population what to do w/ their bodies. If “pro-lifers” cared so much about life, they would care about women’s lives too, but they don’t.

    And if the forced pregnancy squad is so convinced that all babies should be born, they why aren’t they offering up their bodies as incubators? It’s b/c they think that sexually active women are evil, twice so if they are poor or WoC. The poorer and browner you are the less deserving you are of help and human dignity.

    Sky bully forbid that you or anyone you love wind up in the situation where you have to make such a difficult choice (and according to the statistics, you probably know someone who has!), but if you did, I would fight till the death for your right to make it.

    George Carlin was brilliant b/c he called shit like he saw it, and the fact that he is still relevant today makes me miss his insight all the more.

    I would also ask politely that we not speak ill of the dead on my blog.


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