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If I could make titles purple I would, b/c this is certainly worthy.


PETA’s latest fucktacular campaign has gone too far. 

Nope, your eyes are not in fact playing tricks on you.  Members of PETA actually dressed up as members of the KKK to protest the Westminster Dog Show, handing out fliers.

I have interacted w/ PETA in the past, as they are quick to assist if an animal is in danger.  They have helped me rescue dogs and cats that were trapped inside a van for full work days while their responsible party worked at the base where I was stationed.  I deeply believe in treating animals w/ dignity and respect, and that a better world does start w/ compassion.

But this spectacle of insensitivity and thoughtlessness comes no where close to the same dimensional plane as compassion, which as Ingrid Newkirk on her own blog purports is the goal of PETA.  Right on the same page where she presumes that the obstacles of animal rights are the same as those of racism.  I can not and will not support anyone who chooses to protect animals at the risk and harm of people’s well being.  They gave no thought whatsoever to how harmful or hurtful this could be to the people who would witness it.  Only to the shock value that they deem worthy of such a stunt.

As soon as I find the proper e-mail address I will be writing PETA a strongly worded letter indicating my outrage and demanding to be removed from any future emails.  I am no longer willing to merely cringe as they continue to marginalized and hurt PoC, women, and other marginalized bodies in the name of “compassion”.  They are doing it wrong.

Ingrid Newkirk and PETA can kindly go fuck themselves for this outrage.  You have lost any support you may have received from me ever.

Renee has a post up at her place, and Cara has posted on this as well.


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