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I forgot how fucking cold the cold is.

No, really.

What is this foreign land I am in?  There is this invisible substance on the ground that is slippery, and this foul white shit falling from the sky…I would say it must be the apocalypse…but somehow I think an apocalypse would be warmer.

Where is my Aloha?

Also, breathing is nigh impossible.  I had also forgotten that one can breathe w/ no moisture in the air.  Not that I can.  I have been huffing those infant moisture drops like an addict.  Bloody noses suck, and I don’t remember heat being so dry.

And I have been reacquainted w/ my old nemesis…



I fucking hate static.  I hate the way it makes your skin feel itchy and your clothes stick to you and your hair stand on end.  I hate the snap when I try to give The Guy a quick peck on the cheek.

I feel like I could bathe in straight cocoa butter and never be properly moisturized again.

The cold also makes me tired.  Really really tired.

But Iowa is lovely.  The Midwest is painfully flat and dull after three years in Hawaii, but it isn’t w/o it’s charm.  My camera battery is dead at the mo’ so I can’t get more pics, but everyone is so nice.  When I do I am going to update BaCaW w/ them.  We were ambushed at the airport w/ a bunch of my in laws that I had never met…and it is a relief to finally meet them and get it all over and done.

The drive to St. Louis was long…longer than anticipated…but staying in a hotel all day and soaking up the free wifi is nice.  So I don’t hate everything.  LOLZ.

I saw a Chipotle though, and I think that a burrito will make me forget how much that foul white stuff scares me.  I read that
Fillyjonk said it was like eating a hot water bottle.  I sincerely hope she’s right.  LOLZ.


Comments on: "While I am abusing free wifi…" (4)

  1. Foul white stuff?!?!

    Bite your tongue, young lady. Some of us like that white stuff. ;)

    Glad you’re muddling through and all. It’s a good bit of acclimating for Korea, though, don’t you think?

  2. Poor kitty, I know exactly how the kitty feels after that last couple of weeks we have had with snow, ice and wind.

  3. i too hate the foul white stuff
    continued safe travels

  4. @ Bob: I like the idea of snow. I like actual snow until it gets gross and dirty, which where I am from is pretty quick. But I am also from a town where if you don’t move your car during the first snowfall then you don’t see it until April.

    I just don’t like being so dry and static-y! Yuck!

    And thanks, ya’all.

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