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Happy New Year!


We moved out of the house today and into our swank little hotel room (Thanks TLA!).  Not a bad place to spend a couple of days until we fly to the Mainland (brr!).

Right now we can see (and hear) all the fireworks and the people enjoying their New Year, in spite of the rain.

Not even rain can part Hawai’ians from their fireworks!  It’s lots of fun.

And I figure we should get to Korea in time to enjoy the Lunar New Year too!  Yay!

In all seriousness, thank-you to everyone who has made this last year great for random babble.  This blog is so many things to me and it fills me w/ so much joy to share it w/ so many of you in Readerland.

In the New Year I am determined to be braver and write more, and get over my disappointment and try to sell my writing again.  I can do it.  I also want to figure out what I want to do w/ myself…

I also want to try my hand (my face?) at vlogging.  Who knows?  If Pido can do it…why can’t I?  ;)

I am determined to brush up on my Mandarin, and learn enough Korean to survive two years in Korea.

I don’t so resolutions so much, especially since I try to get that kind of stuff out of the way at Samhain, but I do think New Year is as good a point as any to mark a start.  Since we are starting it w/ a new life (a life on our own, just us, no more roommates) it seems like the time to make changes.

Look at me gettin’ all sentimental.


One last thing.  My heart to WKW.  Please cry hard and remember to smile because it happened.  The warmest thoughts and most positive energy from my family to yours.

OYD out.

Malama Pono.


Comments on: "Happy New Year!" (6)

  1. Happy new calendar year Ouyang Dan, brightest blessings in the year to come!

  2. safe travels and a great 09 to you, the guy, and the kid.
    that stinks about WKW I went over and left him a comment.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Yes, thank you for blogging, I love it! ;)

  4. I hope your travels are safe and smooth. I’m eager to hear about your new experiences

  5. Thanks so much!

    I hope you are all safe and happy!

    I will update you all as soon as I possibly can!

    (The hotel’s ethernet seems to get a little pissy at my blog posting using up the speed of processing or something, and I got grounded to a speed of 56K this morning.)

  6. rachel cervantes said:

    Tahnk you for linking to WKW’s site. His description of his mother, while terribly poignant, was lovely to read. Some day, I hope my children say something similar.

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