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Life is really really hectic right now.  In the last few days, we had a re-enlistment, a Winter Holiday gift exchange (first of a few small ones, nothing big this year at all) to pre-empt our first of two pack outs on Monday, pre-overseas shipping car maintenance appointment, last day of school, packing, cleaning, and now preparations for a going away party for The Kid for tomorrow.

Long story short, we are busy getting ready for the COT Leave and Korea move.

So, better late than never!

From Comrade PhysioProf, how ingrained hierarchy often puts lives in danger, especially in our nation’s medical industry.

Belledame222 of Fetch me my axe has an interesting post about feminism and the KKK.

Daisy’s Dead Air has a post up about a Supreme Court Judge in Australia ruling that a satirical pornographic comic can in fact be construed as child porn, even though the characters involved are not real people.

Annaham has a good point reminding me why I quit reading Jezebel.  I have enough real life people telling me that I am imagining shit and that my disease isn’t real, or that I am not experiencing what I am, or that my experiences are not real, or being experts on my body to make their shithole of a site be worth and light fluff that I may have otherwise enjoyed.  I am sorry, but you need to choose.  Either be a feminist site and fight for feminist causes, or stop using feminist rhetoric to defend your assholish behavior.  They can go fuck themselves, and so can all of the commenters who believe that they are also experts on anyone else’s body.  Go check your fucking privilege.  /rant

Melissa McEwan would like us to remember that rape ≠ something you don’t like/something bad happening to you.  No matter how much you hated Star Wars Ep. I-III or the Indiana Jones debacle We Don’t Talk About.

Trailer Park Feminist: Abortion bans don’t work.  (This isn’t news to most of us, but we can always do w/ more proof).

Action Item to hold Obama to promises to free us of the embarrassment that is Gitmo.  (This probably deserves its own post, but I am painfully short on posting time for now.)

Some great and blubworthy news from Renee:  Winifred Jennings graduates college at age 85!  Kick ass!

Via Lauren at Feministe, Anti-choicers can’t do math.

After being expelled from zoo colony for stealing eggs, gay penguins are given their own to look after, and are great fathers!

Kate Harding sums up my feelings:  RIP Bettie Page

Another Salon article, related to my Fuck You of the Day, about this thing called hooking up.

Mustang Bobby and why a gay high school isn’t as bad an idea as bloviating fucknecks would have you believe.

The Michigan 2L speaks out, and it breaks my heart.  Dear AAPD, prosecutors, and anyone else failing to protect this woman from her attacker, go fuck yourselves.


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