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Fuck You of the Day

As I was reading this NYT Op-Ed about this craze known as “The Hookup Culture”, I was worried at first, and then almost relieved, b/c Mr. Blow seemed to be handling it rather fairly, until he consulted his “expert”.  His facts from the CDCaP and the JoAR show positive  effects of “hooking up” over dating.  He could have dug a little deeper there.  He could have stopped there.  There showed a decrease in the amount of sex that teens were having, as well as no increase in diseases.  There was even some indication that self esteem was on the rise.  I am a fan of building up the self esteem of teenagers, especially teenage girls (having been one myself, once).

My Fuck You of the Day goes to Mr. Blow, and to Kathleen Bogle, a professor at LaSalle University, and author of the book Hooking Up: Sex, Dating and Relationships on Campus, for this little gem of information:

The cons center on the issues of gender inequity. Girls get tired of hooking up because they want it to lead to a relationship (the guys don’t), and, as they get older, they start to realize that it’s not a good way to find a spouse.

Yeah.  Girls get tired of sex b/c they would rather be in a relationship than be able to make grown up decisions about their own lives, and guys don’t want yucky strings attached.  Girls are crazed trying to find a husband before all their eggs dry up.  We are just ticking wombs on legs.

She also adds that it used to be that we were trained our whole lives to date.  I am so sorry to disappoint her, but I wasn’t “trained” my whole life to do anything but be a grown up.  One who knows how to make decisions about what she wants from life, and then figure out how to achieve it.  I don’t know about you, Ms. Bogle, but I am so much more than my ability to find and catch a husband, and The Guy is so much more than some Prize Catch to be mounted on my wall.

BTW, Mr. Blow, it’s not sad that I wasn’t trained to date.  It’s my life.  One lived by a woman who is in charge of her sexual freedom and autonomy.

Sky Bully forbid that I enjoy sex.

BTW, I fuck on the first date if it suits me.  And it did.

I wound up w/ a pretty good life.  It’s what I wanted.  And it isn’t for Ms. Bogle nor Mr. Blow to judge.


Comments on: "Fuck You of the Day" (4)

  1. Pockysmama said:

    Ditto!!! I only made it through that line in the article because I knew just knew where the rest of it would go after that sentence.

  2. I hereby move that “bogle and blow” be made a euphemism for spewing bullshit.

    Example sentence: “You could write a thoughtful article about the sexual practices of college students, or you could just bogle and blow all day.”

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