exactly that

When I, a very busy and tired mom, stopped by your department at my local NEX w/ my husband to purchase some shoes for our Kid, who had unexpectedly broken her favorite Crocs, your department was empty.  This is the slowest I have ever seen it in living memory.  When I handed you the pink Chuck Taylor and told you the size I needed you barely glanced at me before disappearing to go and get it.  When you brought me high tops instead of low tops (which are way too difficult for the kid to put on right now) and I had to politely ask you to bring me low tops (like I asked you for in the first place), I could have done w/o you rolling your eyes.

But, when we got home and I had The Kid try the shoes on I realized that not only were you apparently annoyed at having to do your job but you didn’t even bother to do it well.  Not only did you not make sure that both shoes were the same size, but you didn’t even make sure that we had an actual pair.  That’s right Mr. NEX Shoe Salesman Guy, you sent me home w/ two right shoes, one size 12½ and one size 13½, neither of which I needed.  Thanks, b/c now, me, the tired and sore mom w/ already limited stores of energy and patience, has to run all the way back out to your store’s department to return them and get you (b/c it is always you) to bring me an actual pair in the correct size and type that I asked for.  I didn’t realize that getting a pair of shoes in a shoe department would be such a hassle.  This time I hope you can actually listen to me and do it w/o rolling your eyes.




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