exactly that

A day?

I usually hate forwards and delete them, sometimes w/o reading them…but this was really funny.

The Evolution of Dance.

Happy Sunday!


Comments on: "Does your mother send you dozens of forwards?" (7)

  1. Hahahah! I love this!

  2. Ahhh I love that guy! I envy his Michael Jackson!

  3. I am actually impressed that he can do some of that stuff in blue jeans.

  4. I loved that. I’m gonna steal and repost. LMAO he must have been exhausted at the end

  5. And he’s wearing JEANS! OFSM he was so funny! I was exhausted just watching!

    Steal away!

  6. I must be a party pooper, but there wasn’t exactly much of a chronology to that, so I dunno if “evolution” would be the right word… ^_^

    Also, the only proper “dance” for “Mr. Roboto” is to invent a superhero story with your sisters for which the last two tracks on the Styx Greatest Hits album are the soundtrack. Make sure to act horrified at the digusting villain when he discusses “dehumanizing” whatever it is.

    Don’t forget your Polly Pocket Jewel Series power suit transforming thingamabobs. Otherwise how will you transform into your super-self, à la the Sailors?



    I was homeschooled. Hush.


    Awesome vid, Ouyang. :)

  7. Oh no, it wasn’t obvs! ;)

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