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Hawai’ian Snow Day

No, it didn’t snow, but we did get enough rain coming down hard enough that school, work, and a good many business were all closed today.


The bottom bars of our trampoline were submerged (that blur is The Kid, soon to be chased by The Guy, both whom shed their respective uniforms ASAP in order to get ta splashin’ in the flooded back yard).

More photos after the fold.


Our patio usually comes about two inches or so above our lawn.  You can’t tell the difference in the two here from the ripples in the water.

I have to admit, though, none of my snow days on the Mainland were ever a wonderful 71°F.

Man I am going to miss this place.  :(


Comments on: "Hawai’ian Snow Day" (3)

  1. It was snowing here today for a little bit and it is 22 F right now! Lucky you, I would take 71 F right now over this! I am already tired of winter and it is still Fall!

  2. It’s raining like that here but it’s barely above freezing.

    And my stupid ass is about to go out on a tiny sail boat. In the cold wet storm. Dear gawd what the hell is wrong with me?

  3. Ur like, in LUUUUUURVE!


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