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Fuck You of the Day

To Digital Spy’s Cult News, more specifically, Ben Rawson-Jones, for thinking that he has the right or obligation to comment on anyone’s weight:

There was still a year left of LA-based spinoff show Angel to run after Buffy concluded in 2003, and it looked like Boreanaz couldn’t avoid juicy steaks as well as he dodged wooden stakes – for the pounds piled on. He soon regained his old trim physique and won the lead as FBI Agent Seeley Booth in forensic television drama Bones.

Emphasis mine.

Not that it is anyone’s business, but IIRC, Boreanaz had suffered a pretty bad knee injury during that time, that required a pretty major surgery and some extensive recovery time.  People put on weight for any number of reasons, you ass hole, and it is pretty fucking awesome of you to just assume that it is because they have some lack of self control or can’t fucking stop shoveling food into their mouths.  Even if they did, who the fuck are you that you get to comment on it?  Celebrities are under constant scrutiny for their looks, so if they can not be cut some slack for personal injury or whatever else they have going on in their–let’s say this together–personal lives, then there isn’t a lot of fucking hope for the rest of us mere mortals.

No body has the right to comment on anyone’s weight and pass any kind of judgement on their looks.  David Boreanaz doesn’t live his live for your fucking approval, and it isn’t your place to decide whether or not he is an acceptable weight.

I don’t think that I have to say, as a woman, how fucking ridiculous our society’s beauty standards are, especially when the already impossibly beautiful can’t seem to measure up.  We are badgered at every twist and turn and from every form of media about our appearance, and reminded constantly that our looks are always up for approval.  People are a lot more than the range of their fuckability.  When we see people who are already well w/in the range of conventional attractiveness being harshly shamed for their weight it doesn’t do much in the way of building up the rest of us struggling to love and accept the bodies we have.

If David Boreanaz put on a few pounds during his run on Angel, it is no one’s business but his own.  It sure as hell didn’t impact his acting or his show, and I am pretty sure his fan base still found him as awesome as ever.

So, Mr. Rawson-Jones, take your drive by fat shaming and go fuck yourself.

h/t to Whedonesque


Comments on: "Fuck You of the Day" (9)

  1. Word! *fist bump*

    That was really well-written.

  2. Great post, werd!

  3. I would just like to say that:

    “Mmmmmmmm. Angel.”

    applies to all five seasons of that show and frankly still applies today.

    Damn can’t a guy just have his physique without people looking him over with a microscope and scales looking for even the slightest flaw?

  4. @Danny

    At any size, shape, or being-form (vamp, not vamped…wev, even adorable as a puppet).

  5. Ouyang Dan for as much as I use that line I would give quite a bit to find a clip of it on the internet somewhere. You seem to have a stash of Whedon stuff, you don’t by chance have it do you?

  6. My “stash” died when I lost my patience digging through the endless number of fanvids (they make me want to scratch out my eyes) and then The Guy’s computer broke so I lost my editing software. *pout*

    That is also why Wednesday Whedon had to come to a standstill.

    I am trying to find a solution. Trying I tell you.

    Damned copyright laws.

  7. I’m sure you already know this but the seasons of Angel are now $19.99 each at Wal-Mart…

  8. OOH…that is a good price.

    I have them all, but my season 5 is badly scratched on the disk w/ “A Hole in the World” on it (it came that way). I am waiting for the boxed set to go on special or something so I can replace them all in a more space saving box (like the Chosen collection!!1!), since space is going to soon be an issue!

    but i hear you can find anything in Korea…

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