exactly that

Dear Cosmo


I don’t really give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of my “orgasm face”.  The last time I checked, it is a part of how good I am feeling.  I don’t need to be fucking distracted by what someone else is thinking when I am trying to get off, thank-you very much.  It isn’t for anyone else to enjoy or ponder, and I don’t need their fucking approval.

Also, “Sexy vs Skanky”?  Stay classy, Cosmo, stay classy.




Comments on: "Dear Cosmo" (5)

  1. LOVE IT!

  2. To even glance at the cover of that magazine is to ask to be pissed off. Seriously when was the last time Cosmo was fucking relevant? Anything to discipline women and make us insecure is all they seem to be about.

  3. Not like I can get away from it, the check out lines at the grocer’s is wallpapered w/ them. Cosmo is one of the few that don’t give me aneurisms.

  4. I can smell the chemical perfumes and toxins of that magazine. All magazines like Cosmo disgust me. Then I think of how many women make collages and post the pictures of the ideal woman up in their rooms. Then they work out to be thin and look like them. I know many women who did stuff like this. This is why I think these magazines need to be banished from the Planet! ;)

  5. They did something to her shirt/boobs and it just looks WEIRD. Her shirt is fully filled out, but the boobs aren’t what’s filling it out! At least not the way they’ve redrawn it.


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