exactly that

This woman might not (sadly) know what country Budapest is in, or be smarter than a 5th grader, but Jeff Foxworthy is a complete and total douche nozzle.

And the fact that the studio audience laughed when he said “that’s just being a woman” says a lot about our supposed post feminist society.

Go fuck yourself, Jeff Foxworthy.  That is my opinion in any register of voice you choose.


Comments on: "You might be an ass hole if…" (3)

  1. Clearly the woman does not have a working knowledge of geography but there was no call for Foxworthy to treat her like he did, or malign all women in that manner. You are douche asshat is a great title for him.

  2. Dear Jeff Foxworthy-

    I beat the geography game Know Your World.

    And I’m a girl.

    Kindly go fuck yourself.


  3. But that is just your opinion and just what you want to hear you giggly girl. Didn’t your high heels tell you that?

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