exactly that

Nature in action


On our trip to the Honolulu Zoo Wednesday, some of the animals were a little frisky.  

See more of our trip here.


Comments on: "Nature in action" (7)

  1. THAT’S a thanksgiving tradition I can get behind lol

  2. I think the tortoise already got behind it!



  3. This is one of pictures that causes my mind to be bombarded with so many jokes that I can’t just go with one.

  4. Brings out the twelve year old and threatens to implode your brain, doesn’t it?

    Funnily enough, it wasn’t just the giant tortoises. There were several birds engaged in elaborate mating dances (but my hands were occupied w/ those of six and seven year olds so I couldn’t get pictures), the zebras were a little frisky, and while I am not up on my giraffe anatomy, I am not sure they were really fighting over lunch back there…

  5. Woah, look at that! :-)

  6. I just kinda wish there were a better view, simply because I am currently incapable of figuring out how the shells don’t completely impede the process.

    I am curious!!

  7. HA! If you follow the link I think I posted one that you can almost see what is actually going on.


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