exactly that


Cuz these kinds of things are working out so well in China!

I need to read a little more on Vietnam and their policies on birth control, abortion, and health care before I completely weight in on this, but any time a government tells anyone what they can or can not do w/ their reproductive rights it is time to run up a cautionary flag.

In the meantime, discuss amongst yourselves.


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  1. I am not sure what I feel about this. I feel we have enough of everything to cater to everyone that is on the planet. We just do not do it for obvious reasons such as greed. So not controlling reproductive rights is not the solution but creating a world that caters to all is probably best!

  2. That’s kind of how I feel. Unless a country is going to provide health care, birth control, comprehensive sex ed, and safe/legal abortion services all at free/affordable cost, they have no business even beginning to presume they can tell anyone how big their families should be.

    Along that same line, we should be able to adequately care for everyone. Housing, and I mean real housing, that is safe and comfortable, should be available to everyone, b/c like you said, there are resources available.

    I do think that some places are over crowded, but again, controlling other people’s bodies is so not the answer to population.

    Plus, these policies haven’t yet shown that they would work. I don’t believe they would, even if they weren’t horrible, racist, misogynistic and classist ideas. They also encourage gender selective infanticide and forced abortion, so no, they are not good policies.

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