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In case anyone cared…


I cut more than a foot off of my hair today.  Well, the nice lady who rocks at cutting my hair (who I am going to miss when I go to Korea, seriously, we have the best time, and she often has to stop cutting b/c we are laughing so hard) cut more than a foot off of my hair today.  It was getting out of control and too much to handle w/ all of the shit I am dealing w/ right now.  It had to go.  I have had this haircut about half a dozen times since I graduated High School, every now and again I get frustrated w/ long hair, and off it goes.

I will also confess that I will occasionally indulge is what is apparently disputably an anti-feminist ritual of having my eyebrows waxed.  B/c of my trich, I will do it to save my brows, and I treated myself to such a thing today.  The wonderful lady doing my brows swore she will slap my hands if I don’t throw my tweezers away b/c I am on the verge of plucking them away for good.  She is pretty amusing, and I wouldn’t take that kind of a threat from just anyone.  HA!

So, that is all the fluff for today.  I still feel like I am missing a limb or something.  That was a lot of hair.


Comments on: "In case anyone cared…" (6)

  1. I’m sooooooooooo jealous! My hair has gotten to the long, unruly hippy stage. i hate it. And am about to take a pair of scissors and cut it off (I’ve done it before- thank god I have really good hair that hides bad haircuts with it’s shiny lushness) but i am way too much of a coward to go shorter than my shoulders.

  2. PS- It looks adorable. I meant that to be the first thing I wrote.

    And I wax my own eyebrows cause salon wax makes me break out.

  3. Twelve gods, woman! Do you realize what I would do w/ my own wax?!?

    And thank-you.

    I meant that to be the first thing I said. ;)

  4. Looks great lady! :)

    My hair is about 22 inches long but to keep on with the Native traditions I keep it long, you know!?

  5. Thanks, I try that, but it just gets away from me.

    Plus, my scalp has been driving me crazy.

  6. A-MAZING!!!!!!!!!! Love short hair! Love it on you! Love you in general!

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