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Renee had asked me a long time ago to please keep blogging about Roseanne, and it feels appropros w/ it being the 20th anniversary of what may be the greatest and least appreciated contribution to pop culture.

Every now and again there is a Roseanne marathon on a certain channel that a certain girly blogger buddy of mine and I will occasionally catch.  This week I happened to catch this episode, which happens to be another favorite of mine.  One, b/c I really really really believe that sex education and the topic of birth control is so important for parents and schools alike to cover, and Two, b/c it is so freakin’ funny.  In this first clip (link here, in case the video gives you trouble), I love that Rosie and Dan are honest, funny and frank about sex and their children.  They are smart enough to know that they know they can encourage abstinence, but that they should prepare their children as well.  My favorite line (they start talking about it around 3:00 in) is when Roseanne says “she doesn’t need our permission”.  It’s true.  Whether you believe it or not, our children don’t believe that they need our permission to engage in sex, and we should consider ourselves lucky if they believe in us enough to ask us about it.  They are individual autonomous beings, and they are going to find a way to do it, whether we think we are clever enough to stop them or not.  We should at least be clever enough to realize that their health and safety are more important than our ability to control them.  Video after the jump.  

BTW, that jumping up and down thing just kills me!

The second clip, I love listening to Jacki explain all the methods, including “Fort Knox security at a price you can afford (unless Bush gets his way)”.

Teaching kids about birth control doesn’t encourage them to have sex, rather, it prepares them just in case.  The biggest worry shouldn’t be whether they will be called slutty or skanky or easy, but that they could be called mommy or daddy if they do it anyway, and we never talked to them.

Two things missing though, one of them Jacki’s point, that the birth control talk is not the same as the sex talk.  Talk to kids about feelings.  Talk to them about what to expect (even if you leave out the mechanics, emotions and hormones can be overwhelming).

Second, no one talked to Darlene.

I like how no one even considered that she should have been included.  We should never assume that our kids are not sexually active.  Just because they are not showing interest in it or talking to us about it doesn’t mean they aren’t on the brink of going there (and certainly don’t dismiss just having friends over).  Talk to your kids.  Don’t wait for them to talk to us.  Chances are they are nervous too.  Once and a while we have to step up and be the grown ups, for their own good.

Oh, and I love how clever Becky thinks she is w/ the “go upstairs and jump up and down now” line.  Kills me every time!

I don’t have much to say about the end of the episode.  It’s a great moment that I longed for when I became sexually active (what does that mean?).  Someone to talk to about all of it.

I am totes holding on to this episode to use later in life.

I glossed over a lot of stuff here, so feel free to discuss.

Oh, yeah, and “Hoopies”?


Comments on: "Finally! Another Roseanne Post!" (5)

  1. The certain girly blogger will NOT admit to watching a channel like that.

    Nope- she refuses.

    But at least it’s not fucking Lifetime

  2. I am not sure Roseanne could draw me to Lifetime.

    And it gets hard to take your secrets to the grave if you insist on outing yourself.

  3. I can’t help it- I’m not good at secrets!

  4. I couldn’t get any of the videos to play but I remember that episode. You know I think we should talk to kids about sex and their bodies from the minute they can express themselves. If you make it an open topic from the very beginning they will know that it is safe to talk to you about it. We talk very frankly about sex with the boys…The oldest is 7 and already we have had to debunk myths that little Dr.Ruths at school have told him are the truth. My favorite one was when he thought that sperm were actually fish swimming in his testicles. He thought they were all in their dying because he hadn’t been feeding them fish food…LOL the things kids come up with. At any rate better to talk to kids than to loose one from a perfectly preventable disease, or like you said have them be a parent before they are ready to become one.

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