exactly that

One For K…

Every now and again we all need some cheering…

When I found out that BSR had a Buffy addiction to rival my own that he was also passing on to his children, I knew that we were going to be good friends.  I didn’t expect we would be Phriends.

It was pretty much a slippery slope from there, but in a totally good way.

BSR is great for an email chat if you are down.  He is thoughtful when you need good advice, even when he is going through emotional turmoil of his own.

He has friggin’ adorable children, and that is another reason to admire him, he is truly one of the truly great single fathers I have encountered.  He doesn’t want a cookie for doing something special, he does what he does b/c he is a good parent, and he knows it is a tough job.  For that alone, he truly is a diamond in the rough.

He will send you things randomly for your birthday.  He is cool like that, and even though the Spalding Gray book he sent me made me cry full blub in the doctor’s office where I was reading it, I still consider him a great Phriend for thinking of me.

Strangely enough, he likes music that was popular from my wheelhouse (yes, I do believe that I am the baby of this group of Phriends), so when I noticed that he likes No Doubt, I figured, What the Hay, I could post a video that was one of my favorites from then, and I would bet it would bring him a smile.

BSR, I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through, but please know that you now have and will always have Phriends here, in Bloglandia, and even in Meatworld.  None of us are more than an email away.


Comments on: "One For K…" (3)

  1. Dang you, you made me cry.

    Thank you.

    So much.

  2. I guess I over shot.

    I was just trying to let you know you are cared about!

  3. You did, and then some.

    Thanks again, you really can’t imagine the difference it makes.

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