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Sharing the love

If you read here a lot, and enjoy the links I not so infrequently drop to Shakesville, that haven in the shitstorm of things that don’t make sense, please consider swinging over there and showing some love, in comments or otherwise.  Our blogmistress is a damn fine human being, which, to horribly paraphrase her own words, is a statement which is so simple it is inversely proportionate to the awesomeness that it is meant to convey.

She has inspired me, and there are times that I have read her writing that I have felt like she was speaking to me personally (in a totally not creepy way).  When people we appreciate need us, we should do our damnedest to reach out to them.  ‘Liss fights the good fight, armed w/ a huge fucking teaspoon in an ocean of carelessness.  What she does is changing lives and doing that Great Big Thing I believe in, making this planet a better place for those on it and the world a better place for those in it.

While I appreciate her need for time away from Shakesville last week, it was a serious void in my life.  I am glad to have her back.

Go show her your love.  She is far beyond worthy of it.


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