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Dear Shonda Rhimes and ABC

Please stop destroying Izzy Stevens.

She is my favorite character, and she started out kick ass.  She overcame a lot to become a surgeon, but every time she makes a step forward you write some emotional bullshit meant to derail her into embarrassment. 

This new story arc w/ Denny’s ghost appearing to her as real has got to stop.  This is not going to end well.

Stop fucking w/ Izzy.  Bring back Rockstar Izzy.



Comments on: "Dear Shonda Rhimes and ABC" (3)

  1. My circle of Grey’s addicts and I have decided that it’s a brain tumor, and McDreamy is going to have to operate on her, and will ask George to assist and George will freak out halfway thru…

    Otherwise, it’s a supernatural thingy which means they’ve jumped the shark & I’ll quit watching.

  2. If they have jumped the shark this bad, I am done as well.

    I am pretty tired of them writing Izzy into pathetic corners.

    Stop bringing new characters on (Melissa George, and BSG lady) until you balance out the ones you have (like George, who had about three lines last episode).

  3. I totally I agree!!! I love Izzy!!! :)

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