exactly that


Soju smells like rubbing alcohol*.

It doesn’t taste much different.

But I think I might be able to like it one day.

Korea, ready or not…


*The bottle in the picture on Wiki is the exact one we just had.


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  1. Wow. I can’t believe how your life is going to change. How exciting!!

    I tried saki once and decided it tasted like (what I imagine) nail polish remover woudl taste like.

  2. Yeah, even though Soju isn’t like Sake (apparently the process is way different, and Sake is actually a rice wine, not a distilled alcohol, whereas Soju has rice, and sweet potato and tapioca in it), nail polish remover is a good comparison.

    It really doesn’t go down that bad. If you chill it it doesn’t really taste that much. Sake is supposed to be served warm, but I haven’t ever had it.

    We have a nicer one to sample tonight. Surprisingly, it goes well w/ Italian food, like the Florentine sauce we made last night.

  3. Did I also mention it is about 25% alcohol?

  4. Yikes, sounds like it don’t taste so good! I don’t drink so I bet this stuff would make me cringe, lol! :P

    Are you moving to Korea? Whats the word?!

  5. wow at that alcohol level it wouldn’t take much for me lol

  6. Funny you should say that, Pido. That particular brand of Soju translates to “1000 won” Soju (which is about 1 USD), it is apparently their Budweiser. Lolz.

    Yes, C, we are moving to Korea in February.

  7. Ohhh that sounds awesome! I am thinking of doing Peace Corps and may be going to South America somewhere, don’t know the exact location yet. I am sending the rest of my application in today. We will be traveling and moving! ;)

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