exactly that

I do not like Mozilla

I just have to say that.

No, I will not elaborate…but I am a little disgruntled at having to use it right now (fortunately, not for my blogging fun).

That is all.


Comments on: "I do not like Mozilla" (3)

  1. It’s what I use, and I love it.

    What don’t you like about it?

  2. it’s a great big hog.

    I sooooooo much prefer Safari. Faster and easier for me to use…and it doesn’t slow everything else down (I often have several windows and programs running at once).

    Plus, I am a stubborn anti-changing OCD girl…I love Safari, and have never had trouble w/ it. My only problem are peeps and programs who won’t support mac users.

    Booo anti Mac world! Boooo!

  3. Ooooohh!

    You’re a Mac. I’m sure that’s why.

    I’d like a Mac, but I use PC at work, and I just can’t see spending all that money. I have a friend who uses Safari on PC, and she loves it.

    btw – I HATE Vista.

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