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Election Edition!

Tip of the Hat:


To PRESIDENT ELECT Barack Obama on winning a landslide victory to become the 44th President of the United States.  While it was a difficult decision for me to come to wrought w/ intense emotion and moral conflict on my part, I feel good about my vote.  I do.  I feel the need to say for the umpteenth time that I do not believe him to be perfect nor infallible, but I do think that this is an opportunity that our country needs.


Also, a tip of the hat to Michigan, for allowing stem cell research, and medicinal marijuana.

To South Dakota, for trashing that dangerous abortion ban.  

To Colorado, for turning down that stupid and so-called Human Life Amendment.

I am thrilled to see people speak up and protect rights of people, namely women, to govern their own bodies w/o having to jump through hoops.  The right for a woman to control what happens to her own body is not negotiable.  Period.  The Colorado Amendment proposal also would have made certain forms of birth control questionable or even illegal.  I am beyond relieved.


Wag of the Finger:

To Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, and fucking California.

You have, at the same time as you have voted to make history, have voted to deny rights to people.  Just because your religion or your morals deem them less than worthy of rights that everyone else enjoys.  I am saddened and angered at this lack of human decency.  A person’s sexual orientation has no bearing on their ability to commit to and love a child.  A person’s marital status also should not fucking matter.  It would seem to me that we would want to make sure that children who are already in need of loving homes get them, no matter what our Sky Bullies supposedly tell us is right or wrong about their preference.  It also seems that we are OK asking these people to take care of these children until we can find “real families” for them.  A very special ice cold glass of go fuck yourself to all the bigots who think that it’s OK to deny a child love, or a couple the fundamental right to marry just b/c you think that your morals are the only morals.  If you voted to pass this bullshit, you are a hateful and sad person.  Period.

I am ticked off royally that we have also, again, deemed sex workers sub human.  Prop K would have freed up resources to allow police to go after actual criminals, ya know, like human traffickers and child pornographers.  These things are already illegal, and would have stayed illegal.  This would have made the lives of sex workers safer and easier, and allowed them to report crimes against them.  I forget that morality tells us that they must be shamed and cast off b/c of their choices.  The choices of some are not as good as the choices of the holy.

And lastly, my very special Fuck You of the Day.

Unlike these other states who merely (merely?) denied rights to people, California did something completely different, and not in a good Python kind of way.  They took rights already granted to people away from those people.  Guest Blogger Faith at Shakesville makes a great point:

 We now have three classes in California:
a. Opposite sex couples who are allowed to marry
b. Same sex couples who are married
c. Same sex couples who cannot get married.

This is utterly unconstitutional (not that it wasn’t before) and will have to go to the Supreme Court of California […]

My hope is that this can be addressed by the SC of CA.  I am really unfamiliar w/ California law and ballot measure procedures, but it seems that given the three classes right now, it can not stand as passed, unless the state is willing to dissolve the already existing marriages of same sex couples, which I can’t fathom happening (partly to keep a shred of hope for humanity right now, and partly b/c it would be really fucked up).

This is about as ugly as fundie politics can get.  Separate is not equal, and I am pretty damned sure we already decided that a while back.  In a modern time when we can elect a black man to the POTUS, which should be a prouder time, we are simultaneously tripping back to a darker time when we believed that stripping people of their rights for being different than ourselves is the way to civilization.  FFS, as (and do I really need to say possibly NSFW?) RenEv said, ATHEISTS and AGNOSTICS can already get married, so I don’t want to hear fuck all about religion and this being god’s will.

Cara spells it out pretty well:


And I feel physically ill looking at pictures of “Yes on 8″ supporters celebrating.  HOORAY, we took away the rights of our neighbors!, they must be saying.  HOORAY, we officially got the state to recognize how morally superior our choices and biological inclinations are regarding who to fuck and who to love.  HOORAY, we’re a bunch of fucking bigots who don’t deserve the rights we would take from other people.  LOOK AT US, we’re ignorant, selfish jackasses with copious amounts of  hate in our hearts.

Please, do look at them.  Because they must tell us something about our country and ourselves.  Just as it’s important to remember that electing a Black president is not the end of racism in this country, it’s important to remember how far we have to go when a country that elects a Black president would also deny basic rights to its LGBT citizens, even in some of its most liberal pockets.

We should be wagging a finger at ourselves for this hateful bullshit.

Today I wanted to be excited, like I am when The Kid cheered b/c we “elected a President who will help me control my own body!”, I want to cry in my bed at how hateful and backwards we have become.

The champagne flowed freely last night, but the tears flow equally today.

I am mourning for our country today.  We have taken a really huge step forward, and about a nonillion tiny ones back.


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  1. My humble musical letter to President Obama:

    Hannah Friedman

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