exactly that

to see people I knew from my Conservative/Christian days (good friends, even) still hold loving Christian principles and show that compassion is in fact what it is all about.


In the end there are three choices that can be made in response to homosexuality.

1) You have the position that states God embraces same-sex sex and equivocates gay and straight relationships.
2) You have position that all sexual expression outside of a marriage between 1 man and 1 woman is sinful. Thus, it is not sinful to be gay, but it is sinful to act on those attractions. and
3) you have the position that it is sinful to be gay and individuals who are attracted to their own gender need to be seeking healing from that.

There will never be an agreement on which of the three choices is the most appropriate path to take. The church needs to recognize that these perspectives are out there, and as an independent community decide in which direction they will support the GLBT community, for it needs support, especially from the church (particularly those individuals who choose #2).

As far as gay marriage goes, regardless of whether you believe perspective 1 2 or 3 it is perfectly reasonable to allow and embrace a legal union of two men / two women that is equivalent to heterosexual marriage. It is neither God nor the Church who allows visitation rights in the hospital. It is neither God nor the church who dictates inheritance rights. It is neither God nor the church who provides tax benefits to married couples. It is the government of the United States of America. America, as instructed by the Constitution and supported by the Declaration of Independence, cannot discriminate. Thomas Jefferson wrote that all men are created equal. To deny a whole subgroup of the population legal rights simply because they wish to live their lives in a way that is not historically acceptable is 1) unconstitutional 2) unethical and 3) uncharacteristic of the history and habit of the United States.

In 1919, historically, women were not allowed a voice in politics. Yet, in 1920 the USA defied historical culture and gave women not just a voice, but an equal voice to men. The same is true of African Americans, and other minorities. If gays are to be denied the right to marry I say we be consistent and go back to what the majority of human history tells us is appropriate: Only men of the majority race can own land. Only land owners can vote and hold public office.

I think satire is quite helpful when considering this political debate. It highlights the hypocrisy of using historical culture to defend current policies. Besides that, marriage is no longer viewed as sacred in America. Look at Brittany Spears’s 55 hour marriage. Look at the drive through chapels in Los Vegas. The fight for marriage belongs at home and not the public square.

If you live in California, please vote no on proposal 8.

(emphasis mine)

You can read the whole thing here (Facebook).  Personally, I am not a fan of using the term “the gay” or “the gays”, but I was moved by his overall words, the way that he brings it home and shows that perhaps fundies don’t know everything about Sky Bully’s plan, mayhap part of the “plan” is to in fact teach love, compassion, acceptance, and above all, equality.  This is the ideal of a Christian Church that I could stand behind, if I hadn’t already found peace and spiritual fulfillment elsewhere.

I sincerely hope that people in California make the correct choice for equality.



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