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All I’m Sayin’…

If the shoe doesn’t fucking fit, don’t try to cram your foot into it.

Keep on rockin’ Renee!


Comments on: "All I’m Sayin’…" (4)

  1. I came here for some sanctuary. The last 24 hours have been terrible. I have not had time to do any writing or read any of my regular blogs because I have had to police the comment thread. I have pretty much told them to leave and yet they steadfastly refuse to. I just found out that anti-misandry.com has linked to me and so I imagine that the deluge will continue into tomorrow.

    It is hard to stay strong in the face of so much hatred. The stuff that I find the most upsetting is the stuff that attacks my children. Pop in if you can tolerate it. I could use the support.

  2. Is telling the fucking fuckers to fuck off considered supportive? >.>

  3. @whatsername thanks I appreciate it. Thanks for letting me hide out here. I simply do not understand what these trolls hope to gain swarming a feminist blog like this. Clearly they are not going to change anyone’s opinion. It is all about asserting their will over women.

  4. Any time, Renee.

    And that is why, while once in a while they may have made a point or two, once upon a time accidentally, I can’t take them seriously. It’s not about equality, no matter what they say. If it was, they would be wanting to make sure that the gap would tighten, and then address everyone together (see:feminism). That is not what they want. They want you to damn well know who is in charge around here and who should be telling you what to think and advocate.

    The comment that stuck w/ me the most was saying that anyone who finds those DART ads offensive to men and fathers don’t have a very high opinion of fathers. How true is that! Fathers and men in general aren’t supposed to beat their kids and wives/partners/SOs. That is wrong. When they don’t beat anyone, doing what they are supposed to do, they want a fucking cookie.

    Does it happen the other way? Sure, my mother abused me for years, probably b/c of some of the problems and stress that came w/ being almost in poverty, and her being a single mom receiving little or no support. After a lot of therapy, I was able to break that cycle…

    Even though my bio father was abusive to his wife…
    Even though I was in three highly abusive (in drastically different ways) relationships…
    Even though I have held the hands of two friends getting out of abusive relationships…
    And one hand through an abortion that probably saved her from abuse…

    Somehow I made it OK.
    I do not beat my kid, and I do not expect a pat on the fucking head for it. B/c you aren’t supposed to beat people. I can’t understand people who think these are offensive to fathers and men who don’t beat their wives. If you don’t beat the people you supposedly love, then they are not about you!

    It really is that simple.

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