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We Voted Today!

B/c The Other David™ has a follow up appointment very early on Election Day, The Kid and I got up early to catch the last day of early voting.  She was so excited, asking all kinds of questions, and at one point I had to tell her that we couldn’t talk about some of them while I was filling out my application.

I let her push all the buttons (except turning the dial).  I am such a big dork that my eyes welled up w/ tears as I watched her push the “Cast Ballot” button after I made sure the printout matched the screen.

It has been a long an emotional election season for me, and in the end, I am happy w/ my vote.  It felt good.  I do not believe that Obama is a perfect candidate, not by a long shot, but at the end of the day, I am proud to have voted for him.

I also voted yes on the proposed rail system here.  Public transportation is a good idea here.

I was, however, bummed that there were no “I voted!” stickers.  They did hand out candy to any kids there (and Kid was not the only one), and The Kid felt that was better than a sticker.

After voting, we had some break fast and did a little grocery shopping together.  It was such a good time.  She asked all kinds of questions and we had such a nice discussion.

She is growing up so fast!

I couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday.


Comments on: "We Voted Today!" (6)

  1. Yeah, I am glad you voted!!! :-)

    I already voted absentee in Michigan for OBAMA since I am in South Dakota right now helping Native women and with the abortion ban hoping that it does not pass this time around.

  2. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate your work in SD?


  3. rachelcervantes said:

    I’ve taken my children with me to vote for ages. My son was maybe 5 months old first time he “voted with me.”

  4. I am apparently so behind w/ the times.

    But I don’t remember ever being taken to vote. My grandma always told me it was very private and personal. Maybe that is why I mistakenly thought I was one of those damned rethuglikans…

  5. That photo is full of WIN!!!!

  6. I am glad you appreciate it! Its obviously more than words on a spiritual level. Processing it all right now is what I am doing. Its been intense, moving and has opened my heart in so many ways.

    I have tons to write on my blog and will do that soon, so definitely expect a report sister! :)

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