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I love Halloween.  I love Samhain.  I love combining the two concepts (meaning the “new”, and what it has become, and the “old” ways).  I love this time of year.

I wrote some thoughts last year on the way some people tend to view Halloween and how it makes me feel.  I still feel a lot of that.

But in recent years, I have learned to use it as a real New Year’s Eve.  I want to make resolutions.  I want to put painful things behind me and move on from them, and there are many.  It’s a time of year that I like to burn grudges (literally and figuratively) and try to find in my heart forgiveness and peace.  I am choosing to let go of things that hurt me, and attempting to actively move on in a way that will allow me to heal.  I have learned a lot of tough lessons this year, about myself and people close to me, and I have consciously decided that no one can allow me to feel anything w/o my permission.  I have a right to feel what I feel and to my emotions, but I also have a responsibility to own those emotions, and recognize them.  First and foremost, when The Guy asks me how I am doing, “OK” will no longer be an appropriate answer.

And I will not allow others to make me feel bad or shameful b/c of who I am or how I feel.  They are my emotions and feelings.  Mine.  I choose to feel them and how to deal w/ them.  I will make no apologies for them.  I make no apologies for the person I am choosing to be.

I will not do this perfectly, b/c I am human.  I have let things hurt me for so long that I will stumble in this challenge.  I am OK w/ that.  I am allowed to make mistakes.  Professionals have editors.  I have the strength of the Goddess to guide me.

Samhain is a beautiful time of year, and special to me in many ways.  It is a private time for me when all the festivities associated w/ modern celebrations are over.  It is reflection and introspection, and time for me to commune.

I offer up some links of interest for your Halloween/Samhain reading interests.

This is an open thread.  Add your own thoughts or links.

ETA: Petulant has a great Halloween themed link round up.  Yay!  My favorite is how Halloween came to Germany just a few years ago!  Sweet or Sour!  I think The Guy will love the Zombie lore.

And have a beautiful and peaceful, and fun holiday.

Warmth and Blessings to you all!



Comments on: "a pagan’s thoughts on halloween" (3)

  1. Would it be appropriate to wish you a happy new year?

    If it is, I do.

  2. Very appropriate.

    And thank-you!

  3. Wonderful post!

    Blessings to you on ~ Samhain – Halloween – All Souls Day – El Dia De Los Muertos!

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