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Meme be Damned…

It’s a good thing I adore Renee.  ;)  Two memes!?!

All kidding aside I enjoy memes occasionally.  I think they are fun.  So, here goes.


6 Things About Me.


Teh Rulz:

1. Link to the person who tagged you

2. Post the rules on your blog

3. Write six random things about yourself

4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them

5. Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.

6. Let the instigator (in this case, Renee) know when your entry is up.

On to the good stuff.


1.  I love really spicy food, but I do not have the stomach to tolerate it.  This does not stop me.  I will eat food so spicy (Thai noodle soup!) it will make me cry.

2.  I can peel bananas w/ my feet.  True story.  And no, I am not going to prove it.

3.  I was a registered republican until just a few days ago.  I proudly and loudly voted for President Mondo Fucko, twice.  I have since seen the ways of the Force and now plan to use my powers for good.

4.  I have trichotilimania.  Yup, me and the crazy not really pregnant bunnies.

5.  I have a sick addiction to pop culture.  I can carry on complete conversations in movie quotes and television references.

6.  I swear.  A lot.  I have been known to use the word “fuck” like a fucking comma.  Sailors have told me that I swear a lot.  I am OK w/ that.  I get kinda pissy w/ people who act like it is a big fucking deal for a woman to drop f-bombs all willy nilly.


OK, now the fun part.  I tag RQ, Cecelia, Pidomon (when he is back), Phydeaux, Tobes, and @hole, b/c he is a newish friend and I think he will do it (and b/c I think he will tag The Girl so I don’t have to.  HA!)


Second Meme is 8 Places.  Apparently I have all this pretend money like fuckneck McCain.  I would like to have more homes than I can keep track of, and I have to pick 8 places (w/in the US or country you live in) to have them.

1.  Northern Michigan.  I am not talking about the Northern Lower Peninsula.  I mean actual above the Bridge on the Coast of Gitchee Gumee Northern Michigan.  I grew up there, and I believe it is the most beautiful place in the Lower 48.  Plus, Mackinac Island Fudge is only ever driving distance away!

2.  Kailua, Hawaii.  The windward side of the Island is beautiful.  Breathtaking even, and how can you beat waking up to take a stroll on the beach?  Even the rainy season is pleasant here.  

3.  A cabin in the mountains of Colorado.  When The Guy and I went there for David and Sarah’s wedding we loved it.  A nice cabin near some hiking trails w/ a killer view.  I wouldn’t live there in the winter, but it was lovely in the fall, and perfect for sweaters and fireplaces.  

4.  San Francisco.  Even w/ all this pretend money I just want a nice apartment big enough for my family w/in walking distance of the Wharf.  The Guy and I love San Fran so much.  It has a lot of good memories for us, the weather is always perfect, and they have the best sourdough bread evah!  We always have the best time there, and besides, trollies rock!

5.  Monterey.  I love Monterey.  For a lot of the same reasons that I love San Fran, but there is enough room to have an actual house.  If I had to pick Pacific Grove instead I would be OK w/ that.  There is a beautiful house there w/ a stone wall and iron gate around it that I loved driving past.  That would be just fine w/ me!

6.  Some where on the coast in New England.  I know this covers a lot of land, but I have never been there, so I don’t know where I would spend my imaginary money on an imaginary home.  I have always wanted to go to Maine or Connecticut and see the other coast.  The rocky cliffs look beautiful on the teevee.

7.  Seattle.  For some freaky reason I can not think of I have always wanted to live in Seattle.  I guess I just like ferry boats.

8.  Ann Arbor.  A little bit hipster of me, I guess, but I really loved living there.  The public trans was convenient (although, if I have all this imaginary money, it might not be an issue), there was lots to do and see and you could walk there.  I would probably never live there in the winter.  Maybe rent it to some nice college kids or something.

Same tags.  I’ll be hearing from you soon, suckers!


Comments on: "Meme be Damned…" (3)

  1. Done!

    And Seattle is where I live, that’s why you want to be here. It’s easier to share wodka in person!

  2. Ann Arbor is pretty cool/pricey/hipster-ish…yes indeed miss you got that, on the coast of Gitchee Gumee in Northern Michigan… yah!!!

    I lived in Seattle for two weeks I could go back if I made hella dough… but that town is expensive, fo’ real.

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