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The Other David™ is having surgery in the morning, and being that we are the only family he has here on the island I am taking him in for it.  I am going to wait there and then get his meds and bring him home.  I don’t feel right just leaving him up there.  I may take the lappy, but I doubt they will have internet connection.  Who knows.

I will get around to some stuff in my blog fodder folder after if we get back at a reasonable time.

Plus, someone has to be there to be witness to the crazy shit he will probably say or do after coming out of anesthesia.  HA!  *note to self, pack camera in purse*

See you cats on the flip side!  



Comments on: "Blogging may be light Tuesday" (1)

  1. […] The Other David™ came through well, and if I never see that much blood again, let alone have to change bloody gauze, I will be just fine. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)HTTP/1.1 Pipelining […]

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