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Bodies that Matter

And what I want to know is why I haven’t heard fuck all about 12 year old pregnant Tekenya Wooten, who is missing, until I opened up Renee’s blog in my reader this week?

I remember a few months ago while I was at the hospital waiting for my cute nephew to be born and the television in the waiting room had everyone, even Nancy Grace, freaking out over a missing girl.  So, I know the news cares when children go missing, and I know that coverage can be broad and thorough.  

But this girl isn’t blonde and blue eyed and she is from a group home.  Already, society has told her that she doesn’t matter.  Since she is not from a happy family and is living in a home she must certainly be a runaway.  That means everyone should just return to their lives and not care.  Not care that no one knows where she is, not care that she is already a victim (FYI, I did mention 12 and pregnant.  You can not consent to sex at 12, so she has been raped) and no one has batted an eye.  Where is the outrage that a young girl is missing?

Or is she too damaged?  Is she too brown?  Is she too much of a bother?

She is a girl, and she sure as fuck should know that she matters enough that someone is missing her.

Renee has some great contact info if you wish to inquire as to why she is not being searched for w/ all the ferocity of all the white children who go missing.  I am not saying that we shouldn’t care about those missing white children from happy families, but we should care equally about all the children who are victims of horrible crimes and who are missing.  Regardless of their race, background, status, or whether their thumbs are the same size, they matter.

People matter.

UPDATE:  According to What about our Daughters, Tekenya has been found.  They will have more information when it is available.


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