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For all the whiners

who had to fucking whine about objects for scale when I posted the really cool pics of my huge ass garden snail a couple of weeks ago, I have some more pictures.

First, these two guys came out early one morning and The Kid and I took some pics, since the big guy hadn’t been back in a while.


I included my keys to show you how big these guys were.

But lo and behold to my surprise and in a completely unexpected turn of events, the huge fucking snail was back today!

So, to keep all the fucking whining at bay, I grabbed a damned ruler.


Is that scale enough for you?


Slimy says, if not, then too damned bad.


Comments on: "For all the whiners" (6)

  1. As one of the aforementioned whiners- could you use a metric ruler next time. I like to be European in my whininess.


  2. that is the second biggest garden snail i’ve ever seen!
    (hey i’m from Texas everything is bigger there lol)

  3. Wow, they are HUGE.

  4. I’m a wee bit scared….. just a wee….

  5. I surprised it didn’t lunge at your hand. That thing is huge!!

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