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Blubworthy Pop Culture

A Randomly Ongoing Series.


You know me by now.  I am a bit of a pop culture junkie.  It’s my true vice.  But in my love of modern tv, movies, music and other things I often find things that are relevant to the way my brain is ticking these days.

Today is National Coming Out Day.

I watched ABC’s Pushing Daisies online.

How do these connect?

Well I had read RQ’s blog about accepting the sexuality of our children as easily as we accept their favorite color.

At the end of this week’s episode, Emmerson Cod, the PI, was watching a mother (who had hired him) reunite w/ her estranged daughter.  The daughter had been on a sort of adventure to find herself (to make a long story short).  The mother looked at her daughter and said “I don’t even know who she is anymore!”, to which Emmerson replied “Love what you have, go on, LOVE!”

Love what you have.

We as parents need to keep in our minds that we need to love our children the way they come, as they are, and as they choose to be.  We need to be the ones giving them support to be themselves, and be that example by which they measure love.  We should give it to them unconditionally.  B/c we love who they are and what we see.

Not what we want to see.


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