exactly that

WTF, Levi Strauss?

For this new advertisement.  





Comments on: "WTF, Levi Strauss?" (5)

  1. What? I don’t understand…eeek!

  2. Apparently their new advertisement is called “unbutton your beast”. You open the fly and a beast comes out, in all it’s penis worshipping glory.

    You can go to the linked site and send an email to your friends, choosing a “beast” to unleash, that jumps out and gives them a message.

  3. It totally is penis worshiping glory, hahahaha!

    Have you seen this one… its even more disgusting…

  4. Oh! FFS! That’s horrible!

  5. Its terrible! Ugh ~ at least some of the comments talk about how disgusting this ad is.

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