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Plans B Damned

Is a great article picked up by RH Reality Check written by Nikol Hasler, of Midwest Teen Sex Show fame.  It is a clever piece about the accessibility of Plan B.


On a Tuesday morning at 7 a.m., I set out to discover just how easy it would be for me to get my hands on some emergency contraception. It all started with a web search. 

Google: Plan B, Wisconsin, Over the Counter

My Internet search lead me to the Plan B website, which was helpful in telling me how the medication worked and what to expect after taking the two twelve-hour staggered doses of the hormone used in birth control pills at a super concentrated dose. When it came to where I could find the medication, I expected a zip code look up function. When I saw that no such function existed, I started to call the local pharmacies.

The sweet sounding girl who answered the phone, didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, and then ran off to ask the pharmacist, told me that I needed to get a prescription from my doctor. Given that I had just read that Plan B was available over-the-counter, this seemed strange to me, but given that this pharmacy indubitably deals with such requests frequently, I took the girl’s word for it. I called my primary physician’s office.



Go read the rest here.  Also, don’t mind the moron in the comments who can’t wrap hir head around facts.


I can not say enough how important it is that we keep a doctor or nurse or pharmacist or any other health care provider’s morals out of the office.  In a situation as urgent and delicate as failed contraceptive or rape or any other situation that could potentially lead to a life altering unplanned pregnancy we need to be sure that help is there when we need it, free from judgement.  Just the facts.  That is all we need.

Medical care and the facts surrounding it are what a woman needs to have available.  She needs to be able to talk to her doctor and not be shamed or talked down to.  I will also reiterate that it isn’t alway as easy to just go somewhere else.

I have to mention this other section from Nikol’s brilliant article:


When my boyfriend, who has gracefully come along with me on this adventure, approaches holding a bottle of lube, he asks loud enough for anyone nearby to hear how much my medication cost.

“It was $43.00,” I tell him, and he offers to pay half, putting his bottle of lube on the counter for purchase. I love him a little just then. He’s helped bring me back to how very natural this process ought to be.

So I encourage my male readers (I know you are out there, menz!) to speak up on things like protecting contraception and against the proposed HHS rule change (only today left!).  Sex and contraception is the business of everyone involved in the bedroom (provided they are all consenting adults*, who should be the only ones there).  Be a much loved ally in the fight of the woman you might love or care for.

*my definition of adult might be different than yours, I want to recognize the rights of young adults to be agents to their own bodies, and the importance that they be as informed about sex and contraception as possible.


Comments on: "Plans B Damned" (1)

  1. Out of the blue, and because I’ve had a few drinks, I decide to check Myspace. Then I checked The Girl’s page, and check to see if someone else had left her a comment, so that there was at least one other comment between my last ‘make your teeth hurt’ sweet comment and my next. I was safe, because Brandana had commented since my last lolcat. And I realized that I hear all the time how great and witty, and outspoken she is, first from Audible, and more recently from The Girl, but I’d never read her stuff, and I’d never actually added her. So I did. And then I started to read her blog posts, both on Myspace, and then at randombabble.com. I was several ‘previous posts’ clicks in, and I got to her post on Plan B, which had a link. Also, let me preface the following diatribe by saying that, as previously mentioned, I have had a few drinks. So, I followed the link:


    and as I’m reading it, i get more and more… well, disgusted isn’t the right word, nor is angry. Actually, as i sit here typing this, and searching for the right word, I’ve come to the conclusion that disappointed is more correct. Disappointed in everyone who takes something as natural… as HUMAN as sex, and twists it to the point that it is somehow shameful, that implies that it is somehow wrong and immoral for a woman or a man to want to experience. To make men, or.. no, especially women feel that they are immoral for sharing this vital part of the human experience. Disappointed in religions that seek to control people through shame and fear. Disappointed in a culture that has accepted the religions dogma, and enforces it through stereotypes and derogatory words like slut, whore, tramp, prostitute, floozy, and a host of others. Such vicious meanings to those words, which all break down to the premise that sex is wrong, and that those who don’t engage in it under THEIR rules and strictures are morally weak or socially bankrupt.

    Now, I am and asshole, and misogynist comments are a staple. But I’ know that those who actually know me realize that I am mocking that mindset when I make those comments. And I remember WHY I choose that method of deriding that thought process. Because I tend to get vehement, preachy, and disjointed when I start ranting my feminist thoughts. I also come to realize that if I let myself, I tend to get pissed off more than most of the women I speak to.

    Now, realize that this isn’t some sort of ‘male guilt’ thing. I don’t feel guilty because I am somehow oppressing women. I don’t hate myself for being male. I don’t treat women as inferior in any way. I also don’t give them the patronizing ‘must protect because the are delicate and weak’ or ‘give them special treatment’ because of their gender. For fuck’s sake, as much as I harp on most women being crazy, I understand SOME of what makes them that way. We do. And by ‘we’ I mean all of us. Male and female. Women who think feminism means ‘I deserve special treatment because of my gender’ are as guilty of enforcing misogynist ideals as the men who overtly hold women back. Women who tear down other women, or seek special treatment, or simply assume that men are the enemy, are as guilty as the men. Re-reading this reminds me that I have gone of on a tangent, and gotten up on my soapbox again. End tangent. Back to the original point of this monologue.

    I am disappointed in everyone who contributes to making a post like that need to be made.

    And then I get to the end of the post, and my disappointment dissolves into anger. Now, as a brief, but important tangent, you must realize that I am not a violent person by temperament. I am no stranger to violence, but I don’t see that it often accomplishes whatever goal you may have. End tangent, again. What has pushed me over the edge into anger is the first comment after the blog post. I won’t summarize, and if you read the link, and the comment, you MUST understand. And so, given that last tangent, understand that my initial reaction was to track down ‘Tommy’ and punch him in the head repeatedly, while loudly and profanely explaining why I so vehemently disagree with his opinion. Maybe it’s because I’m a Marine, but more likely because I realize that there is little chance that no matter how logical or persuasive an argument might be, ‘Tommy’ isn’t actually listening, he’s just preaching. Even so, realizing that it is futile, and that by doing so, probably only entrenching his belief further, I want to pound on his head until my anger at the whole situation is redirected and dissipated.

    Punching ‘Tommy’ would only make my hands hurt, but i still want to do it.

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