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In my mailbox today:


Anti-Choice protesters began picketing our Honolulu clinic last night.  They carry signs with misleading information, and a few will likely say hurtful things.  The women and men of Hawaii have a right to receive health care without intimidation.


Pledge a gift for each day protesters picket outside the Hawaii clinics–

We will notify the picketers of how much money is raised for each day they picket.  The more they protest the more money is raised for PPH!


There is no link available at this time for this particular fundraising event (if I get anything else I will pass it on), but the info for the PPH is as follows:

Administrative Offices:  Planned Parenthood of Hawaii

1350 S. King Street, Suite 309, Honolulu Hawaii 96814

Phone: 808 589-1156 ext 221 or 225

Fax: 808 589-1404

email: mdriscoll@pphi.org


Anyone want to flex their teaspoons and spread some real Aloha?

Feel free to email me if you would like me to pass on the actual email, including a donation form.


Comments on: "Pledge A Picket– An action item" (2)

  1. […] Tags: pro-choice blogging, reproductive justice, speak up! You may recall that I posted info about the protest going on outside the Honolulu Planned Parenthood clinic.  I emailed the director of the clinic to ask if there was any online info, and she emailed […]

  2. Aloha, Ouyang Dan and Random Babble:

    Thanks for posting Planned Parenthood of Hawaii’s release about the 40 dyas of life vigilante action at our Honolulu health center in Makiki. We appreciate you alerting your readers to activities such as these that paint Planned Parenthood as simply being an abortion factory. We are not that at all. More than 80% of all the services we provide to women and teens are preventative health care. As a member of the single largest women’s health service organization in the U. S., Planned Parenthood of Hawaii is our state’s leading provider of contraceptive information and responsible sex education for youth and young women. If your readers want to learn more about us they may visit us on line at http://www.pphi.org or go to plannedparenthood.org and enter a Hawaii zip code to get addresses of our health centers.

    AND, all the money we raise as a result of the Pledge a Picket campaign will be used to support women and girls who have no fionancial resources to tap to help them ensure their health and wellness.

    Again, thanks for including us in your blog worthy postings.


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