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Blub worthy pop culture

I am watching the episode of Roseanne where Darlene gets her first period.


I love this episode for so many reasons.

I love Dan’s awkwardness at dealing w/ this stage in his daughter’s life.  It’s real and amusing.  I remember my own dad not even being able to address it.  Somehow it wasn’t as funny then…

I love that after her talk w/ her dad, and while she is throwing out all of her “junk” (read as all her sports gear), she begins to tell her mom that she is under no circumstances going to start wearing pantyhose and shaving her legs like Becky.

Mostly I love Roseanne’s response.

She asks “Do you think I make Becky wear makeup and perfume?”

She continues by telling her that Becky does that all herself, b/c that is the kind of woman she wants to be.  She explains that having your period, while seemingly inconvenient, doesn’t have to change the kind of woman you want to be, that you by no means have to throw out your ball and glove and start wearing an apron.  It can at the same time be a wonderful thing and a pain in your ass, but it doesn’t have to change who you are.  You can continue to be the person you want to be.

Being biologically female doesn’t have to change who you are.  I have this whole slew of opinions on periods that would probably make Inga Musico beam w/ joy, but the most prominent of those is that it doesn’t need to slow us down, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

So, once again, thanks to Roseanne, for giving me moments to think on when one day talking w/ The Kid about periods in a way that my own mother wasn’t able to.


Sorry, I can’t find a video to show this to you, and it is way more blub worthy when you watch it.


Comments on: "Blub worthy pop culture" (3)

  1. I freakin love Roseanne

  2. I remember that episode very well. Despite the fact that we are told that our periods are the curse it is part of being a woman and should be treated as something that is dirty and shameful. We are taught to whisper about it and never to celebrate it as a miraculous event. I think we need to reclaim our menstrual cycles. No more whispers, or shadows. Moontimes are a part of nature and as such hold the same beauty and mystery.

  3. I agree. Celebrating your moon is an important part of both my Native and Pagan heritage. (well, there are a lot of no no’s when it comes to your moon and Native culture, I observe some out of respect, and others I ignore)

    I actually have plans to have a menarch party for The Kid one day.

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