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A Book Without a Cover

is a blog by Adele Nieves, of Liquid Words Productions.

Adele is the first person who took my thoughts seriously in the blogging world, and gave me the first opportunity to write for an actual book (even though it wasn’t published).  I was excited to see the links to her site and blog in my email this morning.  You should check her out, b/c she is full of awesome and win (and I love to throw out the native Michigan love!).

Also, Adele, if you read this, I am coming back to Michigan in January, and wouldn’t mind getting in touch.  Thanks so much!


Comments on: "A Book Without a Cover" (5)

  1. You are coming back to Michigan in a few months-to visit or to live?


  2. We are getting COT (Continuous Overseas Tour) leave before moving to Korea. We are going to be in Iowa a couple weeks and Michigan a couple…

  3. Nice, well I should be here… but I could be going somewhere else if Michigan doesn’t grab a hold of me and keep me here… lol!

  4. What a wonderful compliment, thank you! Although I’m sure you would have tapped into the power of your writing anyway, I’m thrilled I was able to give you a little push.

    Please be in touch in January. I’d love to connect with you and invite you over for a home-cooked meal (that my husband will make – ha!)

    Keep living your strength,


  5. Oh! Adele! *blub*

    Thank you!

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