exactly that

I have a Girl Crush on Whoopi


BTW, WTF Barbara?  Did you really just say that?

I can not believe that I have to wait to see McCain on the fucking View to get someone to ask him tough questions and for the most part hold him to answering them.  Even the usual waste of space Elisabeth Hesselback asked him a tough question (while stating she was already planning on voting for him).  Come on media, it’s time to be holding these candidates’ feet to the flames!


h/t to Petulant.


Comments on: "I have a Girl Crush on Whoopi" (1)

  1. I said this on Shakesville but I’ll say it again, Babs needs to retire. She is just … there’s no excuse for a comment like that. It mortified me.

    Also, her cutting off the choice discussion to gush over McCain’s ‘welcome home’ video– that was reprehensible.

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