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Thanks to Planned Parenthood MySpace (link will only work if you have a MySpace account) it came to my attention that this week is a week of action about affordable birth control!  Planned Parenthood is posting about different forms of birth control this week to bring attention to the fact that birth control prices have skyrocketed by about 900% due to a technicality in congress.  Birth Control that was once $5 or $10 in clinics is now almost $50 for some forms monthly.

I have blogged before about how these rising costs can have dire consequences for college students, and other people to depend on free and reduced cost clinics for their birth control needs.  We need to be doing everything we can to try to keep birth control accessible and affordable for everyone who needs and wants it.

This week I urge you to check out the PP website section on birth control.  If you have a blog, MySpace or Facebook, consider devoting some of your tube space to highlighting your favorite form of birth control, how it improves your life, and your favorite thing about it.

Birth control should not be a privilege for those that can afford it, but a right of those who need and want it.  We should not be forcing people to choose between their family planning and paying bills or eating.  I will also be looking for action items so that you can let anyone who needs to hear it know that birth control needs to be accessible.


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  1. […] post info By Ouyang Dan Categories: feminism, health and random babble Tags: birth control, pro-choice blogging, reproductive justice, sex, sex ed This week is Planned Parenthood is highlighting the fight for affordable birth control for everyone in response to the 900% increase in price that I mentioned on Monday. […]

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