exactly that

Read This Now

No, seriously.

And then tell me why you would still think that voting Rethug would be the way to go.


Sure, they are the “family values” party.

My ass.

If “family values” means hating everyone different from yourself and playing papa bear.

I don’t give a flying rat’s ass why deity or Sky Bully you worship.  I don’t care what path you follow.  I believe firmly in freedom of religion.  But that does not mean that your specific dogma has any business telling me what I can do w/ my body.  Keep your doctrine out of our laws.

I plan to vote for the real family values.  For teaching love and compassion, and tolerance of those different than myself.  I plan to vote to for keeping hatred out of the concept of “family values”, and for making sure that we trust people to make complex and private decisions for themselves.


As WKW says:

Regardless of how it burns, we need to read and know every last word, as well as know what they refuse to mention, and what’s in between the lines.


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