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Wednesday Whedon Moment

I have been waiting to use this one precious clip on YouTube that isn’t a fanvid.

During our discussion on alignment the other night over dinner we also discussed vampires w/ souls (why, yes, we are great big nerds, thank-you), and whether choosing to go through trials to get your soul back and use it for good, or having it forced upon you, attempting to atone for past evils and using that to turn around and use it for good is a more noble choice.

Choice or dealing w/ what you are given?

Brought to you by the two coolest vamps w/ souls ever.

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Comments on: "Wednesday Whedon Moment" (6)

  1. Spike: It seems to me that the only reason he took the trials to get his soul back was to increase his chances with Buffy. Based on that his motivation wasn’t to do good for the sake of good but he was doing good for the sake of love.

    Angel: The original intent of the Gypsy curse was to punish him for the evil things he did. Racked with torment over his violent past Angel chose to atone. Based on that I don’t think that Angel was motivated by the genuine desire to do good but rather he was motivated by the desire to rid him self of the pain he caused during his murderous time as Angelous.

    To win the heart of a woman or to wipe away the blood of a two century killing spree…

    My conclusion is a draw. To me neither of them wanted to do good for the sake of doing good but instead had ulterior motives.

  2. meh. motives. motives change from day to day. what you actually DO from those motives is what matters. they saved the world (separately and together) multiple times. it matters less – though it still matters a great deal – why they chose to do it than that they did it at all. as for that, angel actually repented of the evil he’d accomplished and in fact chose to continue his atonement regardless of the consequences to him personally, I suggest that he’s the better person. all of which loses sight of the REAL question we should be asking: which one’s cooler?

  3. addendum: Kantian ethics are entirely unrealistic. nobody ever does good simply because it’s good. I adhere to the Aristotelian notion of virtue ethics: doing good makes one a better person

  4. I just love this clip — forget philosophy — :)

    “I signaled her with my eyes.”


    I have this great book about “Buffy and philosophy” I think it was written at the end of 6th season though.. I’d have to look again. See if they have an opinion on this. They have a whole chapter on “IS Buffy a feminist hero?”

  5. I have one called “The Psychology of Joss Whedon”. There is an article in it about Angel’s “mommy issues” (surprise!). I need to start reading it…it’s been on my shelf for ages.

  6. Oh man, I have totally had that debate before!

    Spike is way more noble than Angel, and that will tell you which side I argued for.

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