exactly that

Being Pro-Choice means understanding that every woman is capable of deciding for herself when and if she is ready and willing to have a baby, whether she wants to continue a pregnancy, and realizing that decision is hers and hers alone.  Being Pro-Choice means that we support women in making those decisions, even if they are different from the decisions we would make ourselves.

A teenage mother is not fodder for political campaigns.

Just b/c Sarah Palin is staunchly Anti-Choice and pro ab-only sex ed does not mean her daughter is, or that this is some kind of indicator of how well these policies work.  This is not a political statement.  This is a personal and stressful situation for a young woman.

As Zuzu (dear FSM I adore Zuzu) points out, if we expect courts and politicians to believe that teenagers are capable of deciding for themselves, independent of their parents, whether they are ready to become parents then we sure as fuck need to start acting like we believe that ourselves.

We do not know the circumstances surrounding this pregnancy, or the circumstances of Bristol Palin’s decision.  It is none of our business.  Period.



Comments on: "Back the Fuck Up Off of Bristol Palin" (7)

  1. Slaughter? Laughter? Really, the difference is only one letter. Who are we to discriminate?

    Well, what if she’s being pressured by her parents to keep the zygote or “go to hell”. Hell is scary… if you believe in it. So, that’s psychological torture of a seventeen year-old girl. And, Bristol’s not even an “enemy combatant”. It’s an English city 105 due west of London. Shit! Shit! Shit! Palin isn’t even VP and she’s already looking to “liberate” England with American bombs!

    Fucking war-mongering Republicans and the military-industrial complex… That’s right! Ohh… yeah… love ’em long time, and get my paycheck.

    A confused US Sailor,

    PS Wait… Were we discussing politics? Doesn’t matter. I made my point.

  2. Wait, you had a point?

  3. That poor child… having the IDIOT MSM on your ass at a time like this. I could cry for her for hours.

  4. @Ouyang

    Yeah, but if I made it readily apparent I couldn’t call it art. Blame the guild of Post-Post Modern Retro-Renaissance Writers, Painters and Gong Farmers. It’s unfortunate, though, that presently only the Gong Farmers seem to be producing anything.

    Are you kidding! It’s like watching the Discovery channel when some predator has pounced on something smaller and more cuddly. Only in this case whole entire networks play the role of the predator! Very Post-Post Modern Retro-Renaissance. See the above link on Gong Farming, and you’ll see what I mean.


  5. You are a strange little man, Z. Strange indeed.

    As long as we all see how seriously fucked up it is to use a scared teenage girl as political fodder then you may frame your point in any way.

    I forgot they call them Gong Farmers. Little trivia– I didn’t know what they were or what Night Soil was until I learned Chinese. It was an amazing discovery in the use of tones for me.

  6. What! Next you’ll be telling me that sacrificing virgins to Cthulhu is “seriously fucked up”.

    You’re taking all the joy out of life for people that crave the blood of innocents. I’ll say nothing of their intellectual virtue, but you’re ruining things for them!

    *Shakes fist*

    Cthulhu fhtagn!

  7. the blood of innocents is awfully bland. I think it’s propaganda that requires the use of virgins and their blood for serious rituals. . .

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