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Wednesday Whedon Moment

I now have to select and make my own clips, since I have used up all the time I have budgeted this lifetime for wading through fanvids.  People who make fanvids should be forced to watch them a la Clockwork Orange.


Today, I bring you the book of Malcom Reynolds.



“If your hand so much as touches metal I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.”


Comments on: "Wednesday Whedon Moment" (3)

  1. I wouldn’t begrudge people their fanvids if they simply stated in the title that it was a freakin’ fanvid. Instead I end up sorting through tons of Buffy clips with Evanescence blasting over it. LAME! I want to hear dialogue.

    This clip is the definition of awesome. One of the most fun episodes of firefly in my opinion (our mrs. reynolds).

  2. “tactics, woman”

    unbifurcated garments for the male figure are the retro wave of the future. I own two myself, and barring insane heat and/or humidity, the airflow comment is spot on. I urge all those with a Y chromosome to acquire such a thing, and to don it proudly. celtic heritage completely optional. we can join Capt. Reynolds in mystery …

  3. Oh god yes I agree on labeling the fanvids! I’ve been trying to find Angel clips on youtube for weeks with no luck.

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