exactly that

Join our picnic! We could use some fresh meat. So far we’ve got the following:

Auto-Assault 12 shotgun

Bait (in the form of redshirts)

Canned rations and a car (I’ll have to educate Danny about the car later)

Duct Tape (a serious lifesaver)

Energizer batteries

Fire shelter (was totally prepared to hose the first person who put flame thrower)

Gloves (tactical combat kind)


iPod (80 gigs of information and music)


Kevlar vest/armor



Notepad (waterproof with a waterproof writing utensil)


Pick/Shovel from Coleman

Quantum Whip (She’s ruining my reality)

Rope and Carabiners (because zombies can’t climb!)

Sarah Michelle Gellar w/ a Sledgehammer

Trusty the Titanium Crowbar (of doom)








Comments on: "Still at the Picnic…need your help!" (11)

  1. Auntie Audree said:

    B & I would like to join this picnic of yours….

    We decamp from the dessicated, decomposing not-quite-deceased & we’re bringing….

    Sarah Michelle Gellar! I mean, she is the Slayer & all. (Ha! 2 “S”s)


  2. Sorry Aud, as per the original post we’ve already got an S (sledgehammer)…and a T (Trusty the Titanium Crowbar) We are at U…and all I can think of is underarmor underwear :P

  3. Ooh, good one…but I prefer Buffy to SMG. There is a huge difference, after all. Feministly speaking, of course. ;)

    But, The Guy added it to our existing “S”. Rock!

  4. Auntie Audree said:

    You need to update this list on this post, as this is the newest one that B was reading to me…. :p

    B says he wants to bring an umbrella. Look how well it worked for Sean Connery in “The Last Crusade”.

  5. “I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne: let my armies be the rocks, and the trees, and the birds in the sky”

    while I too would prefer Buffy (she’s got such great writers!) the angst might threaten my already-tenuous sanity, and she’s just as vulnerable to turning as the rest of us: can you imagine a zombie Slayer?

    whilst I run from the rambling revenants, I shall bring along vaccines. they’ll be useful in a personal sense as it’s difficult to run with west nile virus and the like, and also excellent for trade

  6. Umbrella? Like the corporation? (link here)

    Cuz they might be useful…err…

  7. While scurrying away from shamblers I’ll be wearing my wetsuit. Lets face it, I might just wanna go for a swim in the ocean outside of Monterey, CA.

  8. While spiriting away from the animated corpse puppets I will bring a:


    I hear zombies are haters of the calypso music anyways.

  9. Hot damn you’all were busy while I was at work!

    I’m sneaking away from the shambling hordes, and I’m bringing a bag of yarn. I crochet baby blankets, an I gotta have something to do in the downtimes.

  10. And for the finale,

    As I a running from the hordes of undead I am going to bring…


    Without them, there wouldn’t be a picnic anyway!

  11. truf

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