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Alright so, here’s the deal. We are all going on a trip. OK really we are being forced on a trip because we are being chased by zombies. An outbreak has occurred and I need to know what we are going to bring. A-Z and you can’t post right after yourself (feel free to post as many times as you want).
So…here we go!

I’m running away from zombies and I’m going to bring:

A) The Auto Assault 12.

Now it’s your turn! Let me know what we’ll be bringing.


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  1. Bait (in the form of redshirts)

  2. I’m running away from zombies and I am bringing canned rations.

  3. haha, I don’t have to run fast..just faster than you

  4. I’m running away from zombies and I’m going to bring:

    A car (or cars depending on how many of us there are). You can’t expect to run forever can you?

  5. Ack! we doubled up on “C”.

    I’m running away from the blasphemous undead and I’m going to bring:

    Duct Tape

    Now someone give me a good “E”

  6. I am fleeing non-stationary cadavers and I am going to bring Energizer Batteries.

  7. Brain Spider said:

    I am retreating from reanimated remains and I am bringing…

    Fire shelter

    Because you never know when some “genius” is going to get a bright idea and burn the place down.

  8. for fuck’s sake at least you didn’t say “flame thrower”, b/c we were all prepared to mock any n00b who came in here and said “flame thrower”. Good one.

    On a side note, Brain Spider, if you could pick one handle and stick w/ it I wouldn’t have to approve all of your comments. :P

  9. I am evading the mobile departed and I am going to be packing a nice pair of:


  10. I am attempting to escape scary non-living humans mumbling “Braaaaaains” and I am carrying a hatchet. Good for breaking windows, chopping down trees to make a barricade, and ultimately for destroying said non-living humans if need be.

  11. Brain Spider said:

    I am walking away from the wandering wormfood and I am bringing an…


    Don’t laugh. I mean it. The iPod is an essential part of my zombie preparedness kit. Not only can I load in some awesome tunes to get my adrenaline pumping while bashing zombie brains, but with the notes feature I can hold 80 GIGS, that’s right 80 GIGS, of incredibly useful information. Map images of the surrounding areas, how-to guides for everything from erecting a simple shelter to what types of local plants are safe to eat can all be stored with room to spare. Add in a lightweight charger and you can rig it to run off of any available power source, even an old car battery. Oh and the shiny side can be used as a mirror to.. you know, be sure you look your best while caving in the skulls of the fallen. The iPod is in my top 5 things that i must have with me in the event of the Zed uprising.

  12. My fault on the double c.

    I’m on the run from hordes of the living dead and with me I have my secret stash of Java. Do you really wanna take a chance on fighting tooth and nail for life just to run out of energy at that crucial point in the fight for your life? I know I don’t. And since we are trying get away in one piece I won’t charge Starbucks-like prices.

  13. Ha! That’s a good one, Danny! You don’t want to be fighting the blasphemous undead uncaffinated!

    I am running from brain hungry hordes and I am bringing Kevlar. All these idiots running around w/ guns, I am not going to be unprepared.

  14. I’m Gallavanting (shameless promotion for something I’m not even a part of) from some formerly rugged and dashing ex-peoples and I am going to bring with me a…


    Seriously…multi-tools are a IPU-send. They are:
    A) Compact and light, able to be worn on a belt holster for most people.
    B) Constructed as a single piece, which means you won’t be losing any little thinga-ma-jig-ies
    C) Have ALMOST as many uses as duct tape…fact!

    Leatherman…also full of win

  15. Along with my Hatchet, I am going to bring a Maglite. Good for shining into dark spaces to ensure there aren’t any shambling stupefied sub-humans waiting to eat my brain.

  16. Brain Spider said:

    I am absconding from the ambulatory able-bodied people eaters, and I am bringing with me a…

    note pad. nothing fancy, just some place to help me jot down my thoughts and keep them organized. Also useful for drawing out plans of escape to help explain to your fellow survivors. Preferably a waterproof notepad with a waterproof writing utensil tied to it. Webtex makes a good military grade one with graph paper.

  17. I am fleeing the infected and I am going to make certain we have…

    Oxycodone (link here). Seriously, hear me out. At some point someone is going to be hurt. Or fucked up in a serious non-infected way. It does us no good for them to be screaming in pain.

    Also, at some point we are going to actually find a safe place to rest, and some of us might have trouble sleeping.

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  19. I’ve run out of words for running away, but the Zed’s are following me and I’m carrying a pick…well more importantly I’m carrying a Coleman folding shovel/pick.


    You’ll need to dig some time, and having this bad boy around will help. Also doubles as an impromptu weapon. Game on.

  20. Be a rainbow, the Guy, not a . . . “pain-bow”

  21. I’m dashing from the diseased & bringing a Quantum Whip. Hiiii-yah!


    No one better get “T” b/c I’ma need a Tool Belt w/all these weapons!

  22. @ K8: Not sure if we can allow the Quantum Whip….but I lack a Q word at the moment, you’ll be fine for now. And on to R:

    I am frantically fleeing the not so fleet-footed stiffs and I’m bringing Rope and carabiners. The undead can’t climb..but we can! So why not do it safely?

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  24. Brain Spider said:

    I am eluding the envigorated ex-living and I am bringing …

    a freaking sledgehammer..

    come on, you can’t fight zombies without a sledgehammer!

  25. I am evading blasphemous hungry hordes and I am bringing…

    Trusty! AKA, my titanium crowbar!

    Perfect for demolishing stairs as you go up, breaking glass, and if you have the misfortune of being w/in arm’s length of the hordes, lightweight enough so your arms don’t tire of bashing their heads in!

    Double word and triple letter score!

  26. Auntie Audree also voted Sarah Michelle Gellar under S so I’m throwing her in there …with a sledgehammer. So we get both our S’s in one swing. Keep’em coming!

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