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Tip of the hat:

A very special congratulations to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi on their legal marriage in California.  Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest people I can think of, and while I don’t get to watch a lot of daytime television I do love her show when I see it.  I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Also worth noting (as if I needed another reason to love her) was Katherine Heigl being quoted giving them Best Wishes.  I know that she is a supporter of gay rights, and that kicks all kinds of ass.

The passing of the law in California granting the right for all consenting people to wed no matter who they love gives me hope that this country may someday pull its head out of its collective arse.  The day we start treating people like people will be a breakthrough to humanity. It starts in California.  I hope all of our state government can see what a great and wondrous thing it is to keep the morals of a small segment out of our laws.

Congratulations to two brilliant and beautiful people (inside and out).

Wag of the finger:


A great big “fuck you” to CNN for their totally unnecessary use of scare quotes around the word marriage in the headline.  According to the law in California, marriage is marriage.  It is not a so called marriage.  It is not negotiable.  I have some fucking punctuation for you, CNN.  DeGeneres and de Rossi are married.  Period.

This is not a matter of style.  This is a matter of some completely non-thinking twit in the editing department making a poor decision.

Also, a hearty fuck you to all homophobes and to all the wing-nuts who are frantically trying to get a vote on the ballot in November to repeal the Equal Marriage Law in California.  How fucking condescending of you to think that you know better who should or should not marry.  I am not protesting your right to marry and procreate and raise your children as big of bigots and hate filled wankers as you are (though I think more people should, but I am certainly not asking for a big official vote on it).    Freedom of religion does not mean that only certain types of Christians get to set the moral codes for the rest of us.  I have no problem w/ Christianity as a whole, I know plenty of people who do it right, and manage not to be big pathetic hypocrites trying to indoctrinate the world w/ hate and fear.  I have a problem w/ the “we are right, you are wrong” mentality.

So, wing-nuts and evangelical know-it-alls:  Get the fuck out of our bedrooms, keep your Sky Bully out of our laws, and keep your laws off of our bodies.

h/t to WKW of Shakesville.


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Comments on: "Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger" (10)

  1. manupmen said:

    Perhaps one day even gays will understand that the institutionalized ownership of another person, otherwise known as marriage, is immoral. In the meantime, there is no reason why gays should not own slaves just like heterosexuals.

  2. Right on. Right… fucking… on!

  3. Or maybe one day even manupmen will realize that the reason people choose to marry or not to marry is none of their fucking business. If you don’t know the reasons then STFU already. The bottom line is that marriage is a personal choice, and the only thing I want to see the government regulate about it is to make sure that all people get treated like human beings and are allowed to make that choice for themselves.

  4. *looking at manupmen’s comment with a dropped jaw*…. WHOA

  5. manupmen said:

    Ouyang, I agree the government should not regulate marriage. It also should not regulate divorce. Once a slave decides to leave a slave owner, they should be free to do so without explanation or compensation.

  6. it is your comparison to slavery that is offensive. Last warning. Slavery is a pretty serious issue (and I have been through a divorce, so NOT the same thing), and like rape, not to be made light of.

    Also, comparing it to slavery as you have is making a judgement on all marriages, and you could not possibly be an expert on all marriages ever. My first one was pretty bad, and not a woman friendly relationship. My current one is perfect, we are equals in every aspect, and it has made all the difference. Do not assume to know what a person’s relationship is like.

    Now, in an effort to not snap at you any further b/c I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, I will say that I am a huge fan of the part of Handfasting that allows you one year and one day to get out of your union. If that was recognized then I believe there would be much much less need of divorce.

    Just don’t make the slavery comparison again. Not here.

  7. manupmen said:

    Ouyang, because you do not allow the free expression of ideas in response to your blog, I will leave you to your private world. P.S. Marriage is slavery.

  8. Well, it is true that there is no expectation of free speech her at my very own blog, but non-offensive ideas that are not making light of serious fucking issues such as slavery are. For that matter, general ass hats presuming to know everyone everywhere in the most intimate details of their lives are not.

    Enjoy your moral high horse.

  9. *watching manupmen walk back to his/her cave*

    Hmmm, can’t say I’m sorry to see that person leave.

    PS: What are you dude, like 5?

  10. guess i should have read this first!
    i’m just happy that the marriage between you and the guy is so great!!!!!!!!!!!

    and that person manupmen is a moron (IMHO)

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